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What is the Italian translation of 'I'm sorry'?

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"Mi dispiace" is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "I'm sorry."

Specifically, the object pronoun "mi" means "to me." The verb "dispiace" means "(It) displeases, does displease, is displeasing to." The pronunciation is "MEE dee-SPYAH-tcheh."
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How do you say I'm sorry in Korean?

 The most common ways to say "I'm sorry" in Korean are:       죄송합니다 (joesonghamnida)* - formal   미안합니다 (mianhamnida) - polite   미안

What is the french word for I'm sorry?

  Answer   I'm sorry - désolé   e.g. I'm really sorry - Je suis vraiment désolé   Sorry (pardon, excuse me) - pardon   I'm sorry about the noise - Je m'e

How do you write 'I'm sorry' in Chinese?

Duì bùqǐ Sounds like "Doiy BooChee" which means "I am sorry" or it can mean "Excuse me"

How do I say I'm sorry in Spanish?

  When you are apologizing for a wrong you would say Lo siento. To apologize for an interruption of some kind, you would say Disculpe or Perdón.

What is I'm sorry but i love you in Japanese?

"I'm sorry, but I love you" would be 申し訳ないけど、愛してるよ (moushiwake nai kedo, aishiteru yo) in Japanese. 申し訳ない (moushiwake nai) - I'm sorryけ

What is the Italian translation of the English phrase 'I'm engaged'?

Sono fidanzata in the feminine and Sono fidanzato in the masculine are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "I'm engaged (to be married)." Specifically, the Italian ver