What is the Latin root word for 'education'?

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'Education' is known to have several root words. It is popularly known to be derived from the Latin root 'educo' meaning to 'educe'- to draw out. It also has root words, 'educare' and 'educere'. "educare' means to 'rear or to bring up' and it refers to child rearing, whereas, 'educere' which is derived from two roots 'e' and 'ducere' means to 'draw out from within' or to 'lead forth'.
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What is the Latin root word of fritter?

Fritter comes from the Latin word "fractura." For any other similar questions you could refer to the Online Etymology Dictionary: http://www.etymonline.com or the Oxford English Dictionary, which is also online: http://www.oed.com

What is the Latin root word for struct?

construe,construct, construction,desruction, destruct, infrastracure, instruct,instructive, instructor, misconstrue, obstruction, reconstruct, substructure, superstructure Struct - to build

What is the Latin root of the word care?

Sorry, no Latin, just a squirt of Germanic and a drop of Proto Indo-European. O.E. caru, cearu "sorrow, anxiety, grief," also "serious mental attention," from P.Gmc. *karo, from PIE base *gar- "cry out, scream." Sense of "charge, oversight, protection" is c.1400. The verb is O.E. carian, cearian "t (MORE)

What is is a word with he Latin root ef in it?

'ef' is not a Latin root, it's a prefix, where 'ef' is a form of 'ex' only when the root begins with 'f'. Thus;. ex+facies = efface. ex+facere = effect. ex+femina = effeminate. and many more

What is the Latin root word of 'septum'?

Saepire is the Latin root word of 'septum'. It's an infinitive that means 'to hedge in'. The more common form of 'septum' is in fact 'saeptum'. Either way, the word is a past participle that's used as a neuter gender noun. And either way, the word means 'barrier, enclosure, wall'.

What is the Latin word for tree root?

The word radix (- icis , f.) serves in Latin for all kinds of roots, including tree roots. If you want to be more specific, you can say radix arborea ("tree root", i.e. the kind of root a tree has) or radix arboris ("the root of a tree", particularly if you have a specific tree in mind).

What is the Latin root word for 'translation'?

The Latin root for translate is ferre . The verb which translate comes from is transferre :: to carry across . Transferre also gives us transfer . Ferre is among the most irregular verbs in Latin: Ferre :: to carry Ferro :: I carry Tuli :: I carried Latum :: carr (MORE)

What is a Latin root word?

A Latin root word is the base from which a Latin word is derived . An example is the root syllable 'viv-'. From that root are derived the verb 'vivere', which means 'to live'; and the adjectives 'vividus' ['full of life'] and 'vivus' ['living'].

What words have the Latin root 'am-'?

Any Latin root 'am-' is connected with 'amore', which means 'to love'. Words that are formed from that root include amabiles ['amicable'], amator ['lover, paramour'], amicitia ['friendship'], amicus ['friends'], and amor ['love']. But when 'am-' immediately is followed by a consonant, it t (MORE)

What is the root word for 'to remember' in Latin?

The letters mem- make up the Latin root syllable that means 'a calling to mind'. An English language derivative word is the verb 'to remember'. A Latin language derivative word of that root syllable is the infinitive and root word memorari , which means 'to be mindful of'.

What is the Latin root word of the Latin for 'to speak'?

Dicere is the Latin root word that means 'to speak'. The word in Latin is an infinitive. The first person singular form in the present indicative is 'dico', which means '[I] am speaking, do speak, speak'. That form finds an older version in 'deico', which is related to the Greek 'deiknymi'.

What is the Latin root of the word twelve?

[Middle English, from Old English twelf ; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.] There is no W in Latin. The Latin word for the cardinal number twelve is "duodecim" (quite literally, two and ten.) The ordinal (Twelfth) is "duodecimus."

Latin root word for horn?

The Latin word cornus means horn. It is found in words like Capricorn which literally means goat horn. cornet would be a word derived from this root.

What is the Latin root for the word Politics in Latin?

The word "politics" is derived from the latin root "populo" meaning (in general) people. Politics, in latin basically means of the people, which is thought of with the word "democracy." Democracy was one of the early forms of government which only worked in small greek city states and other regions (MORE)

What is the latin root word for video?

watanas siam latin was dead long before videos were around... look for the root of sight if anything... I think [not sure at all] that vide is the latin root for the word video, since latin word vide mean "see/look" etcetera. For example "In lumine Tuo videbimus lumen" or in English "In thy Li (MORE)

What is the Latin root word for education?

It comes from the word "educare" which means "to bring up", from e - "out" and ducere "to lead; to bring forward". Well, now. This is embarrassing. I should have hired a good proofraeder to review that answer, because it's wrong. At least part of it is. The first part is correct in that the En (MORE)

What is the Latin root word for benevolent?

"benevolent" is actually a compound word in Latin. "Bene" is the adverb "well" "volent" is a participle meaning "wanting'" thus "benevolent" literally means "well-wishing"

What are words that have the Latin root 'fer'?

confer-Have discussions; exchange opinions. defer-to put off; to postpone different adj. Not the same as another or each other ferocious adj. Savagely fierce, cruel, or violent. refer-to direct to a source of help or information interfere v. to Prevent (a process or activity) from being carried out (MORE)

What is the Latin root word for responsible?

"Responsible" is from the Latin verb respondere , which means "to promise something in return for something else." (Once the promise is made, one is responsible for fulfilling it.) This in turn is from Latin spondere , "to pledge", which is related to Greek spendo , "to pour out" a libation.

What words have the latin root Dem?

The root "dem-", as in "democracy", is of Greek origin, from demos "the people". Latin derived words that appear to contain this root are from either: . the prefix de - added to roots beginning with 'm': e.g., demonstrate, from de - and monstrare , "to show" . the syllable dam with a vowe (MORE)

What is the Latin root of the word religion?

The Latin is "religare". It means to tie back, or bind back - to God. The prefix lig- also contributes other words to the English language, such as ligation and ligature, for instance.

What is the Latin root word for tarry?

The word tarry has no connection at all with any word in Latin. It is from Middle English tarien , meaning to irritate or to hinder or obstruct. This in turn comes from Old English tergan , meaning to provoke or irritate - its distant origins are therefore from the ancient Germanic dialects of nor (MORE)

What is the latin root of the word stunning?

The English adjective "stunning" is a modern slang or corrupt use of the verb "to stun", which is not Latin in origin, but the Anglo-Norman French word estoner . Its original meaning is "to daze, to shock, to take by surprise or to become unconscious ". An example of its correct use is in the 13 (MORE)

What is the Latin root word for wrong?

Latin has many adjective words meaning wrong, wrongful, incorrect, false and so on: pravus, perversus, vitiosus, falsus, iniustus, iniquus , iniuriosus Which word is used depends on context and the precise meaning of the sentence.

What are words with the latin root man?

man- is a prefix coming from the Latin word 'manus' meaning 'hand'. A few words to start you off include 'manuscript', 'manual', 'manipulate', 'manufacture', 'manure'.

What is the Latin root word sword?

The word "sword" is not of Latin derivation: it comes from Old English "sweord" derived from Proto-Germanic "swerden". As to Latin, there are no less than 13 different words which translate as "sword" -- not one of which is a cognate to "sword".

What is the Latin root word for 'translation?

I don't know if this is answering the question but.. The root word trans means to either "carry across" , or just simply "across" So I'm guessing that the root word for translation is what I put up there..."Trans". xD