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What is the Lewis structure of ClF4 plus?

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Total electrons --> 7+42-1=48 Cl as a central atom One lone pair on Cl (on the side) 4 F's up and down and the other two on the opposite side of lone pair. F I :- Cl - F - F I F This is the best I can do with plain text.
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Structural formula vs Lewis structure?

The difference between the Lewis dot structure and the structural  formula is that the formula only shows the bonds that have formed  whereas the dot structure shows all the (MORE)

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Lewis Structure SO2?

This is the Lewis structure for SO2 - O:S:O Note is is bent planar

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How many valence electrons should be drawn in the Lewis structure for the polyatomic cation NH4 plus?

Ammonium (NH4+) is made up of a Nitrogen atom (N) with five valence electrons and four Hydrogen atoms (H) with one valence electron per Hydrogen atom. All four H atoms bond (MORE)

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What is is the Lewis Structure for P2O3?

Almost impossible to design this with a simple text editor, but I'll give it a try: O=P-O-P=O It is not a linear molecule though, with only the shared electron pairs mark (MORE)

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Lewis structure for CCl4?

The Lewis dot structure for CCl4 starts with a C in the middle.  Four dashes are drawn, one on each side, each connecting to a Cl  atom. On the unconnected sides of the Cl a (MORE)

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Why is Lewis structure important?

The blunt answer is they're not. They don't give any information about the reactivity of compounds. What they do tell you is a rough (slightly misleading) distribution of the (MORE)

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Structure in c plus plus?

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