What is the Lewis structure of ClF4 plus?

What is the Lewis structure of ClF4 plus?
Total electrons --> 7+42-1=48 Cl as a central atom One lone pair on Cl (on the side) 4 F's up and down and the other two on the opposite side of lone pair. F I :- Cl - F - F I F This is the best I can do with plain text.
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Lewis structure of CS2?

C = 4 valence electrons 2 x S = 2X6 = 12 valence electronsthat's 16 valence electrons in allC is least abundant and most electronegative so it goes in the middle of the struct… (MORE)

What are the c plus plus structures?

Structure is a user defined data type,in which functions are prescribed public by default.It is specified by the keyword struct. By Prakhar.

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What is the Lewis structure for H2N2?

guessing its H - N(doublebond)N-Hwith lone pairs on the N's....that gives N a formal charge of 0...with a triple bond theres formal charges involved, and the most stable form … (MORE)

Lewis structure for BF?

Just look up how many number of valence electrons your atom has, and then do your atoms atomic symbol and put the number of dots around it. For example, this is the Lewis Dot … (MORE)