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What is the Lewis structure of ClF4 plus?

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Total electrons --> 7+42-1=48 Cl as a central atom One lone pair on Cl (on the side) 4 F's up and down and the other two on the opposite side of lone pair. F I :- Cl - F - F I F This is the best I can do with plain text.
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Structural formula vs Lewis structure?

The difference between the Lewis dot structure and the structural  formula is that the formula only shows the bonds that have formed  whereas the dot structure shows all the

How many valence electrons should be drawn in the Lewis structure for the polyatomic cation NH4 plus?

Ammonium (NH4+) is made up of a Nitrogen atom (N) with five valence electrons and four Hydrogen atoms (H) with one valence electron per Hydrogen atom. All four H atoms bond

Lewis structure of CS2?

C = 4 valence electrons 2 x S = 2X6 = 12 valence electrons that's 16 valence electrons in all C is least abundant and most electronegative so it goes in the middle of the str

Lewis structure SCl6?

S is the central atom. You add the 6 chlorines to bond with sulfur with a single bond. THis is allowed because sulfur can be an expanded octet because it is in the third row.

Lewis structure for BF?

Just look up how many number of valence electrons your atom has, and then do your atoms atomic symbol and put the number of dots around it. For example, this is the Lewis Dot

What is the Lewis structure for NH3Cl plus?

The Lewis structure for NH3Cl plus is very easy to draw. The N atom  is placed in the center, singly bonded to three H atoms and one Cl  atom. A +1 formal charge is indicate

What is the Lewis dot structure for SCL6?

The central atom is Sulfur (S). It is singly bonded to each of the six Chlorines (Cl). Each of the six Chlorines has three lone pairs. Sulfur can have six bonds because it is

Does the Lewis structure SO2 have resonance structure?

Sulfur dioxide has three resonance structures. A singly bonded oxygen would have 3 unshared electron pairs while a doubly bonded oxygen would have 2. The sulfur has one pa

What is the Lewis structure for NO?

  this is one of those molecules that doesnt obey the octet rule. a double bond between N and O (N=O), with 3 unbonded electrons on N, and 4 unbonded electrons on O. the N

Lewis Structure for ClF?

14 ve- so 7 bonds/lone pairs. Cl will have three sets of lone pairs on it and F will have three sets of lone pairs on it. There is a single bond between Cl and F 1 bond, 6 lon

How many dots should be drawn in the Lewis Dot Structure of AsF4 plus?

The amount of dots in total in the Lewis Dot Diagram of AsF4+ (Arsenic tetrafloride) is twenty six. Each "F" (fluorine atom) has six dots in total, two on three "sides". The