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The new brand identity for Canara Bank is based on the idea of a bond and is a representation of the close ties between the Bank and its many stakeholders - from customers and employees to investors, institutions and society at large. With its rich heritage of banking expertise, dedicated customer service and corporate social responsibility, Canara Bank is a powerful enabler who helps its stakeholders achieve their goals. The two seamlessly connected links capture the essence of this partnership.
Canara Bank has more than 45,800 employees and serves over 31 million customers through a network of over 2600 branches spread across the country. The simple, memorable symbol can be easily recalled and decoded by all of the Bank's diverse audiences.
The colour palette and typography have been carefully chosen. The rich blue represents stability, scale and depth. This contrasts with accents of bright yellow that evoke optimism, warmth and energy. The Canara Bank logotype has been hand-crafted. Its classic, serif letterforms communicate heritage and stature
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Is canara bank is nationalized or not?

Canara bank is a nationalized bank in India. By nationalized, it means that the Government of India owns this bank and is responsible for all the money that is deposited in it

What are the functions of Canara bank?

Canara Bank is the largest bank in India. Besides their bankingoperations, the organization has a venture capital division, offerscomputer services, works at asset management

Who is chairman of canara bank of India?

Canara bank is one of the largest public sector banks of India that has been in existence for over 100 years. The key people for the bank are: . Mr. S Raman - Chairman and M

What is the meaning of syndicate bank logo?

The syndicate bank logo is "Faithful Friendly" - with the symbol of a dog. They basically want to emphasis on the fact the bank is trust worthy and a friend. They are trying t
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Is canara bank a nationalised bank?

Yes. Canara Bank is a Nationalized Bank. It is one of India's oldest banks. It has over 3000 branches and 4000 ATMs across India. It was Nationalized in the year 1969 and has