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The Nationwide Fatherless Day Rallies were first organized on Friday, the 13th day of June 2008. The Founder of the Nationwide Fatherless Day Rallies and President of Fathers4Justice, Mr. Donald Tenn has long been recognized the world over for his efforts to bring about awareness to children's issues

Mr. Tenn's primary concern's are with Children's rights with regard to matters of divorce, separation and DCFS. Mr. Tenn has held rallies for Children's rights in as many as 20 different states for children's rights. Mr, Tenn is most proud of his ability to build and grow Fatherless day from a national event to International status with rallies now being held in all 50 states.

These rallies now recognized by judges, attorneys and legislators are held to bring awareness to the devastation upon families by our governments when they remove children from good, fit, willing parents. The United States government funds the removal of children from their parents with federal funds through the Social Security Act Title-IV-d. It is Mr. Tenn's hope that someday these rallies will bring children, families, attorneys, legislators and judges all together for on common goal, equal shared for all of our children.
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