What is the Neo Malthusian theory?

What is the Neo Malthusian theory?
A neo malthusian is somebody of malthus beliefs neomalthusians on population growth and control the neo-malthusian theorists may be presented as a splinter group. essentially they agree with malthus that control of population is inevitable. however they disagree with malthus that factors like war and famine are the key to population control and reject such simplistic notions. instead they promote a number of ideals for exapmle planned parenthood as a method of population control. Mustapha, Nasser (2006) Sociology for Caribbean Students: Development and Social Change.
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What is the Malthusian theory on population?

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What is the malthusian theory for population growth?

Malthus was an economist who proposed that human population grows exponentially but food production does not, hence starvation is inevitable. He did, however, argue that there (MORE)