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WRGB-TV Channel 6 in Albany, NY. Dates back to 1928!
wttg - Washington dc, was part of the dumont network that started in 1946, wrgb was started as radio, DuMont was first to be officially "licensed" as a television network.
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World's oldest tv station?

The oldest Television network in the world is The BBC -DuMont was first to be officially "licensed" as a television network. in the us

What is the oldest tv?

The very first prototype televisions were made in the 1940s, so probably it would be from around that time period.

What is the oldest soap opera on TV?

As The World Turns, however, due to its cancellation and the last episode airing 9/17/10, General Hospital will take the title as the longest running daytime soap.

What TV-Station in US showed the Ted Bundy Trial?

It was covered by all major TV news stations and portions of it was shown on the nightly news but the entire trial was not televised like some of the cases today. OJ Simpson's

Are there any scrambled encoded broadcast television stations in the US?

No, the idea of distributing Pay Television by encrypted terrestrial broadcast became popular in the 1970s (channels such as SuperTV, Wometco Home Theater, Prism, Preview, Sel

Does the us federal government own TV stations?

Yes, The US Government owns the domestic TV channels NASA TV and The Pentagon Channel. It also owns Radio and TV Marti which broadcasts to Cuba from the Florida Keys and recen

What things do they use to put movies on tv station?

To transfer film based movie to video, a tele-cine unit is used. This is a device that is similar to a film projector but has a camera instead of a projection lens. As the fi
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Which US state is the TV station ABC 6 based in?

ABC 6 TV Station is based in the state of Rhode Island. The complete address is 10 Orms Street, Providence Rhode Island 02904. There are also ABC 6 free online radio stations