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What is the Part of cathedral in front of altar?

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Choir or transept.
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What part of the cathedral is the nave?

  This is usually the largest part of the cathedral where the congregation sits, so called from the Latin Navus meaning 'boat' because it looks like an upturned boat. The

Parts of Front page of newspaper?

There are several parts to the front page of a newspaper. Some of  these parts are, skybox, ear, byline, lead, columns, headline,  dates, index, and photos.

What is on an altar?

What is on the altar is dependent upon what stage of the Catholic mass it is and certain preferences by the presider/parish customs, as well as what right the Catholic church

What are cathedrals?

A cathedral is the principal church of a bishop's diocese, containing the episcopal throne. It's derived from a latin word - cathedra (seat or chair) - which refers to the pre

Why is the front part of a cow kosher?

The question of what foods are Kosher and what foods aren't comes down to when the Bible was first being written. The Hebrew leaders back then made the decisions as to what Je

Can you part a lace front wig?

yes you can In general,there will be 3" or 5" lace on the front,so you can part the line within the lace area. But if only 1" or 1.5" lace on the front,sorry,you can not part

What is the front part of the stage called?

Usually The front part of the stage is called the downstage!  I think the questions refers to the part of a stage in front of the curtain.. referred to as the "apron". Hope

Does the best man and maid of honor stand at the front of the altar?

The best man and maid of honor only stand at the altar if it's a chapel wedding. In a traditional wedding the best man along with the groom and ushers stand to the right of th

What part of the church is the altar in a Catholic church?

The Altar is usually front and center- there may be auxiliary altars on the left and right side transepts- usually dedicated to St. Mary ( to Port) or St. Joseph- to Starboard
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What are the parts of the front bar?

1. Bar table 2. Rail 3. Bar die 4. Glass rack 5. Arm rest 6. Foot rest 7. Pick up station from the book of "BAR AND BEVERAGE SERVICE" by Lorenzo G. Rojo, MBA