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here's one:
9=3- R6+& &2=+%P&0 @-&K
Objective:Rescue Absol on Beach Cave 2F.
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon wonder mail codes?

There are some better codes if you go to http://www.upokecenter.com/games/dungeon2/guides/wondermail.php there so good you create your own codes and if you die and yo

What website has a Wonder Mail Generator for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

www.upokecnter.com *Edit* The site www.upokecenter.com has an online Wonder Mail Generator that allows you to decide every aspect of the job being generated. You can cho

Where do you type wonder mail in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

ok SAVE your game when that's done the game screen will come up it will go like this . CONTINUE. FRIEND RESCUE. WONDER MAIL - CLICK ON HERE THEN IT WILL SAY WHAT WOULD YO

How do you USE wonder Mail in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Use it to get the the reward you want. You can get it by using Wonder Mail Generator.. PS: You can make unlimited Wonder Mail in the Generator.. Once you got to the Generato

How do you access wonder mail in Pokemon mystery dungeon?

ok when you start up your saved game the menu will be right there with thses options . CONTINUE. DELETE SAVED DATA. ADVENTURE LOG. FRIEND RESCUE. TRADE ITEM. WONDER MA

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon wonder mail s codes?

Wonder Mail S seems to only be a different version of Wonder mail, made either to stop comfusion where Pokemon mystery dungeon sky has dungeons which Darkness and Time don't,