What is the Provincial animal of Meghalaya?

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The Clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) is the provincial animal of Meghalaya, Republic of India.
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What is provincialism?

provincialism is the idea that local knowledge, beliefs, and customs are superior to those of other places.

What does provincial do?

In religious orders, a provincial is the head of a region, whichmay consist of anything from part of a country to one or morecountries. It would be similar to a diocese, but not exactly thesame. They are only responsible for members of their own order, andnot the general public. The Provincial would (MORE)

British Columbia's provincial animal?

British Columbia's provincial animal is the Kermode Bear also known as the "Spirit Bear". It includes several subspecies of the American Black Bear and is known for about 1/10 of their population having white or cream coloured coats.. B.C's provincial bird is the Steller's Jay which is closely rela (MORE)

Why has Meghalaya named as such?

The word "Meghalaya" literally means "The Abode of Clouds". Meghalaya is a small state in north-eastern India The climate of Meghalaya is moderate but humid, the average annual rainfall going as high as 1200 cm in some areas, making it the wettest state of India.

How and where do you get an export licence in northeastern india-meghalaya?

You can get export licence through DGFT (Directorate general offoreign trade) office. You can download the application form from their website at free ofcost. Attach required documents and fill the form without any mistakethen submit to the DGFT office with a demand draft of Rs. 250/-. Shillong DGF (MORE)

Why has meghalaya been named so?

The word Meghalaya has its roots from the words megh (clouds) and alaya (home) . Meghalaya observes a high amount of rain during the year. This is why Meghalaya is named so.

What did the Provincial Congress do?

APEX~ All of these They governed after colonial assemblies were disbanded by Britishlaw, moved from town to remain secret, and appointed committees ofsafety to help run government operations.

What are the latitudes and longitudes of meghalaya?

In principle, every point on the earth's surface has a different latitude and longitude. The center of Shillong, in eastern Meghalaya, is located at roughly 25.578° north latitude 91.875° east longitude whereas Tura, in western Meghalaya, is located at roughly 25.513° north la (MORE)

Is cmj university meghalaya approved by aicte?

The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in case of Civil Appeal no. 2056 of 1999 dated 24th September, 2001 titled as "Bharathidasan University and another Vs All India Council for Technical Education and others"; has held that "Running /conducting courses and programmes in technology courses by Univers (MORE)

How many districts are there in Meghalaya?

There are a total of Seven(7) Districts in Meghalaya, They are: East Khasi Hills, Shillong West Khasi Hills, Nongstoin Ri-Bhoi District, Nongpoh Jaintia Hills, Jowai East Garo Hills, Williamnagar West Garo Hills, Tura South Garo Hills, Baghmara

What is the Provincial animal of West Bengal?

Royal Bengal Tiger Panthera tigris bengalensis The Royal Bengal Tiger or ( Panthera tigris bengalensis ) isthe state animal of West Bengal, Republic of India. Also now theNational animal of Bangladesh.