What is the Relief in Croatia?

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In Croatia
In the east there is mostly lowland with some small mountains, in the middle part there are lots of hills and some small mountains, in the mountain region (near the adriatic coast) there are high mountains with a different climate than the inland. on the coast there are mostly rocky hills with mediteran vegetation
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Where is Croatia?

Croatia is a country in the South-East of Europe. It is parallel to Italy and it is surrounded by the following countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia

What is relief?

Answer Relief , or relievo rilievo , is a sculptural technique. The term relief is from the Latin verb levo , to raise. To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane.What is actually performed when a relief is (MORE)

How do you get to Croatia from Dubai?

Assume you mean "by air" (although driving is possible). Cheapest option is via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. Trip is not bad however, depending on which day of the week you fly, your journey could include a technical stop in Ljubljana, Slovenia (lasts 45minutes; no plane change;only to allow n (MORE)

Is Croatia expensive?

Yes and no. It's expensive for us who live in Croatia because most of people have low salaries or don't have at all! But many citizens from foreign developed countries don't have much difficulties with this, what is more - the retired ones come and live here.

How old is Croatia?

Croatia has existed as a separate country several times since thedays of the Roman Empire. Croatia crowned its first king in year 925, after being defined asa region around 700 AD. It lost its independence in 1102 by joining a monarchy under acommon king with the Hungarians. It was made part of Yugo (MORE)

What airlines in Croatia?

Croatia National airline company is called Croatia Airlines. . In terms of international flights, you of course have a bunch of company flying to Croatia, like e.g. . British Airways, Lufthansa, SAS, Easy jet, Wizzair, Ryanair, Germanwings just to mention a few

What was the Croatia outbreak?

Croatian has a really rich, various history. Croats arrived during 7th century, 1 300 years ago ! Since then Croatian Kingdom (925, king Tomislav) has been rising until 12th century when Croatia entered Personal Union with Hungary. And now I'd need few more hours to desribe everything since PU. (MORE)

What did Croatia invent?

A tie (neck-tie), a torpedo, 1st mechanic pen, first zeppelin prototype, dalmatian dog, kulen (food), tamburica (instrument). Let's not forget Nikola Tesla - the "man who invented the 20th century" - his work and patents were the ground work for alternating current (AC) electric power, among many o (MORE)

What religion is Croatia?

The most people in Croatia are catholic. i feel a a person most people in Croatia found out a religen and thought 1 min

What are facts about Croatia?

Croatia is located in Europe/Eurasia and there is not much to say about it considering no one knows it exists. But a few facts I have learned are these... Croatia was said to be founded in the 7th century, though no one actually knows. There is an legend that it was founded by 5 brothers and 2 sist (MORE)

What is the religion of Croatia?

Countries do not have religions. Their populace may popularize a particular religion. According to the CIA (related link below) Croatians have popularized religious beliefs in these numbers: Roman Catholic: 87.8% Orthodox: 4.4% other Christian: 0.4% Muslim: 1.3% other and unspecified 0.9% none: 5.2 (MORE)

What is the foods in Croatia?

There is too much to mention but some of the most popular dishes include Sarma = Cabbage Rolls Cevapi = Chevapi which are beef mince sausages Grah = A sort of bean stew with pork ribs usually Punjena Paprika = Capsicum filled with beef mince

When was Croatia formed?

as republic in 1991, before it it was a kingdom, part of austro-hungary, under the turks..etc.

Was Croatia forced?

What do you mean? Forced to become an independent country? Croatia wanted to become independent and that's why the Serbs started the war.

What is the clothing in Croatia?

Croats are people who really like shopping and spend a lot in shopping-malls. They follow fashion and most of them try to wear well-known brands even if they don't stand so good with finance.

What bordering Croatia?

In the South you have Montenegro. East you have Bosnia & Hercegovina and Serbia North you have Hungary and Slovenia West is Italy which shares the Adriatic Sea with Croatia

Is Croatia cool?

yes it is so awesome over there and the oceans are crystal clear . O look he's saying " Croatia is AWESOME " . there are no oceans in Croatia- there is only the adriatic sea.

Is Croatia an medc?

Unfortunately not at the moment, in Yugoslavia we could say so butafter the Independence War due to corruption and illegal acts oureconomy is now in a really bad condition and just after Spain andGreece in EU.

What are the holidays in Croatia?

Croatia has a great climate, perfectly clear sea and beautiful beaches. Recommended time for holidays is from mid June to beginning of September. Be sure to visit cities like Split, Sibenik and Dubrovnik.

Why is Croatia cool?

If you consider Croatia "cool", there are probably many reasons why. 1. There are many hotels. 2. The beach is nice. 3. It is usually very hot in summertime. 4. very beautiful. 5. Scenic views. 6. European.

How did Croatia get its name?

Croatia is called "Hrvatska" in Croatian language, and Croat is called "Hrvat"(old slavic. *Hъrvatъ , stsl. Hъrvatinъ [4] ). Origin of the name is still unknown.

When was Croatia founded?

There are two answers: First, Croats came to this area as last people from Great Migrations, in 8th century. Croatian kingdom was founded and established in 925 (king Tomislav) and durated till war with Hungarians, in 1102. Year 1102 was the last time Croats had their own ruler and government unt (MORE)

Why is Croatia called Croatia?

Croats called themselves Hrvati and Croatia is Hrvatska in Croatian. But long before 7th century (it's estimated that's the time when Croats immigrated to today's Croatia), there was a region which was named Croatia by Romans. English speaking countries and many other adopted that word... Simi (MORE)

Why was Croatia socialist?

Croatia was part of a socialist country called Yugoslavia until 1991 together with Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Are there provinces in Croatia?

Yes, there are provinces in Croatia. In Croatia, they call them zhupanije which would be translated as counties in English. There are 20 provinces in Croatia, not including the city of Zagreb that stands as a province for itself.

Who are the allies of Croatia?

Axis forces. We were loyal to the very end. ______________________________________________________________ I would add USA, we are really fond of each other. And of course most of the Balkan countries, like Slovenia, BiH, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania....even though there are conflicts we will n (MORE)

What are sights of Croatia?

there are lots of them. there are 7 national parks (Plitvice lakes, Kornati islands, Mljet island, Brijuni islands, North Velebit (mountain), Risnjak (mountain), Paklenica (mountain). there are 6 UNESCO sites: Cathedral of st. Jacob in Šibenik, Euphrasian basilica in Poreč, old city of Trogi (MORE)

Is there poverty in Croatia?

There is no country in the world that does not have poverty. The percentage can be high or low. There is poverty in Croatia.

What is the vegetation in Croatia?

there are 3 different regions in Croatia - the coast (Istria & Dalmatia), mountains (Gorski kotar & Lika) and the inland (Slavonija & Middle Croatia). The coast is mostly rocky (Krš) with mediteran vegetation (olives, vineyards, pine trees...), in the middle part there are hills and usual conti (MORE)

What currency do they have in Croatia?

Well My parents are from Croatia and I speak Croatian too and go their every summer. They use Kuna(s). If you are going there for summer vacation and live in America, on you're way back to America make sure to change your Kuna(s) into dollars in Croatia and not in America because you cant. 6 kunas i (MORE)

Is Croatia in USA?

No! It's parted by half of Europe and an ocean from USA. It's in Central Europe.

What is wrong with Croatia?

It seems to be doing much better! It lost a lot of it's population after the war, but it seems to make up for it in the summer with its huge tourist attractions. It keeps up with the EU standards on most things.

Is Croatia a part of?

Croatia is independent country. It's part of NATO , WTO and CEFTA . Soon will enter European Union

Who is famous from Croatia?

There are a few bands and singers from Croatia that have migrated to English- Speaking countries. As a matter of fact, my mother was a famous singer in a band with her brothers when she was in her late teens. It was called 'Chocolada', meaning Chocolate. She stopped to have my big sister. I also kno (MORE)

What do people do in Croatia?

TOURIST RELATED: it is nice there, so there are attractions and sightseeing over there, so people usually have fun or go there just for a holiday to relax, or if this answer is JOB RELATED: i found you are aloud to teach English over i croatia. Sorry if this answer is not what you were looking fo (MORE)

Is Croatia in chengen?

I assume you mean Schengen. Not yet. Even after becoming an EU member it will be a couple of years before Croatia enters Schengen. Expected year is 2016.

How was Croatia founded?

Croatia has been around since 840 CE. However, it has gone through periods of sovereignty breakup, for example the reign of the Austria-Hungary empire and the Yugoslavian Republic.

Is it cheap in Croatia?

For citizens of Western countries it's mostly cheap due to theirbetter life standard, however for us living in Croatia it'sexpensive as we are still in crisis and prices are not inproportion with salaries + big unemployment rate. Depends where youcome from.

What is the religion from Croatia?

Around 86% of Croats declare themselves as Roman Catholics which makes Croatia pretty muchhomogenic country, even though the number of true believers is lessthan half, the percentage is high only because of tradition. . However, if you wanted to know original religion from Croatianhistory - befo (MORE)

How hot is it in Croatia?

In summer temperatures get up to 40'C in some parts, while theaverage temperature is around 30-35'C. . In autumn last years the temperatures are around 20'C(12-21'C). . In winter mostly around 0'C but there are weeks when it gets upto -20'C or few days back to +6'C. . Spring is like autumn but la (MORE)

Are there forests in Croatia?

Current Status and Trends in Forest of CROATIA ABSTRACT Private forests account for about twenty percent of the total forested area in the Republic of Croatia. Private forest owners mainly belong to the older rural population. In view of the global situation, forests worldwide attrac (MORE)

What is Croatias religon?

Most Croatians are Roman Catholic (about 86%). But there are also Orthodox Christians, Muslims, and protestants present as well.