What is the Role of Medicinal aromatic plants in Indian National Economy?

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What is the role of medicinal and aromatic plants in national economy?

medicinal and arometic plants are inherited with chemical constituents having power to treat infections,ailments,diseases,physiochemical imbalence,allergic conditions,hormonal

Role of rivers in indian economy?

The main role of rivers in the Indian economy was being a basicnatural resource. The are also essential in diluting andtransporting waste from settlements.

Role of mnc's in Indian economy?

MNC's plays an important role in boosting up Indian Economy. In support of this we can say, MNC's bring foreign investors to India and hence helps in globalization of Indian M

Role of rbi in Indian economy?

Role of RBI in Indian economy . Issuer of currency - Except for issuing one rupee notes and coins, RBI is the sole authority for the issue of currency in India. The India

What is the Role of marketing in Indian economy?

Marketing's Role In Indian Economy "Marketing's role is to ensure the continuance in growth of economies and the individual's standard of living" ( M.J.Baker, 1985). Ac

What is role of marketing in Indian economy?

Role of market in India :India's growth story has important implications for the capital market, which has grownsharply with respect to several parameters - amounts raised n

Role of MNCs in Indian economy?

The role of Multi National Companies, otherwise known as MNC's, inIndia include the empowerment of its labor force. These MNC's alsocontribute to the government's finances by

What is the role of SEBI in Indian economy?

SEBI is the primary governing/regulatory body for the securities market in India. All transactions in the securities market in india are governed & regulated by SEBI. The

Role of medicinal and aromatic plants in national economy?

Aromatic (Aroma Producing) plants are those plants which produce a certain type of aroma. Their aroma is due to the presence of some kind of essential oil with chemical consti