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What is the Spanish flu?

Spanish Flu This is a rather a old strain with its first appearance in 1918. In two years, over 30 million people died from Spanish Flu. Many of the soldiers returning from E

What is the Spanish alphabet?

The Spanish language, like English uses the Latin Alphabet (A, B, C) -- the only exception is the pronunciation of the letters and the addition of 4 extra "letters" (3 digraph

What is the spanish armanda?

The Spanish Armada was a large fleet of ships sent from Spain tobattle the British fleet. It was destroyed in violent storms beforethe battle off the coast of the Hebrides.

What is the Spanish Armarda?

The Spanish Armada was the Spanish navy that sailed in 1588 with the goal of overthrowing Queen Elizabeth I of England and stop her involvement with the Spanish Netherlands. T

What is the Spanish alpahabet?

The following website shows the entire Spanish alphabet (Alfabeto) and how to pronounce each letter: http://www.spanishspanish.com/alfabeto_ipower.html

What is the Spanish peninsula?

The Spanish Peninsula is the peninsula made up of Portugal and Spain that extends out into the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.
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What is the Spanish disease?

Spanish disease is also called Syphilis. It is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the spitolchetal bacterium Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum. Though it can also

What is the Spanish E?

The accented E (é) or acute E, has two uses. One is to indicate an accented vowel different from the one used by ordinary pronunciation rules. The other is to differentiate