What is the UK flag's nickname?

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Union Jack
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What is a 'uke'?

Answer . The true definition of of 'Uke' is actually 'Receiver' which is related to something called 'Seme' which is 'attacker'. Both Uke and Seme are involved in homosexual relationships, Mainly in Yaoi and Yuri. Seme is the dominate one (the one on top) and uke is the one on the bottom.

What is a uke?

Uke is short for ukulele, a small four string instrument that looks like a mini-guitar. It is also a Japanese term for "one who receives" and is used in martial arts to refer to the person the technique is demonstrated on. It has also become slang for a person who is "on the bottom" in a relat (MORE)

Germany's flag's emblems in World War 1?

The flag emblems in Germany during World War I included the ironcross, the swastika, and the Imperial Eagle. The coat of arms ofthe German Reich included the Imperial Eagle.

What is your nickname?

a name others call you it could be short for your real name for s your real name. My nickname is Rain because i like rain Kayla people call me mouse because my first name and last name my real name is Madison but my nick name is cheese ball cuz my aunt called my mom cheese ball so i though (MORE)

What is a nickname?

a nick name is a nane wich shortens it up so you can shortenpeople's names

What is the US flag's nickname?

"Old Glory", "The Stars and Stripes", "Red, White, and Blue", and"The Star-Spangled Banner" are the most popular nicknames for theUS Flag.

What does the Confederate Flag's colors stand for?

The stars stand for the 11 states that were part of the confederacy and 2 for Missouri and Kentucky. red stands for southern pride, white means the true honesty of the confederacy, and blue stands for following the path of christ

What is the US flag's birthday?

The United States flag was officially adopted on June 14th. It wasin 1777 that the second Continental Congress passed the act toadopt the flag.

Should the UK remain in the UK?

This question needs re-wording ! Obviously - the UK will always bethe UK !.. The only way the UK would cease to exist - is ifEngland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eirer ALL createdcompletely independent governments, leaders, currencies andenforced borders with each other ! That is extremely (MORE)

Are there scorpions In the UK?

Yes. Loads of them in pet shops. And one species in the wild - Euscorpius flavicaudis , commonly known as the European Yellow-Tailed Scorpion . Migrated to the UK about 200 years ago, a few colonies can be found in South-East England.

What is the UK?

United Kingdom (UK) A country of western Europe comprising England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Beginning with the kingdom of England, it was created by three acts of union: with Wales (1536), Scotland (1707), and Ireland (1800). At the height of its power in the 19th century it ruled (MORE)

What does the nazi flag's symbol mean to the Germans?

The nazi flag colours represent the hatred of Jews. The colour red represents blood, black represents the dark side of Hitler and the nazi people. and white represents the loving ones. i know this because i am very smart at history and i am in to al the stuff about Adolf Hitler. He was a man of m (MORE)

Why do we have nicknames?

We have nicknames to define our personality and to show a sense of friendship or affection. unless it is an offensive nickname

What are the flag's color?

the colors are green, yellow, and red, with a blue circle and a yellow star in the middle of the blue circle.

What is nickname?

A nickname is either a short form of your name, or a name people would rather call you than your real name. Say your name was 'Robert', people would call you, like--- Bob, Rob, Robbie... ect

Where is UK?

United kingdom is located in Western Europe, islands including the northern one-sixth of the island of Ireland between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, northwest of France.

What is the Bolivian flag's symbol?

The Bolivian's flag symbol is an eagle surronded by crossed muskets and olive branches. I know this because I had to do a project on Bolivia and their culture snd flag and map. I hope I could be useful.

What is in the UK?

The UK (United Kingdom) is a European Country. It is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who were all joined in acts of union. It's Capital is London but it does have many other major cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Leeds and Newcastle. It's Head of state is (MORE)

How do I get a nickname?

Well you twist you name slightly say if it was lorna you could change it to lornmower or think of a word that suits you.

Why is the UK called UK?

It stands for the United Kingdom - which is short for The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Where is a UK?

you honestly cannot be that stupid. PLEASE PLEASE tell me your kidding. Just in case your not THE UK is a place and it's in europe and it contains four countries (SCOTLAND ENGLAND (northern) IRELAND and WALES) UK stands for united kingdom but it can also be reffered to as GB which stan (MORE)

What are the Hawaii flag's colors?

IMPROVED. Aloha. Answer: The eight alternating white, red and blue stripes represent the eight islands of Hawaii. The British Union Jack represents Hawaii's historical relationship with Great Britain as its protectorate. It also represents a stylized puela (a triangular standard laying across two cr (MORE)

How do you get to the UK?

By car (through the Channel Tunnel, from France) or by boat. We do have airports too though, so you could come by plane, which would be a bit quicker.

What determines a flag's colors?

In the production of an individual flag, its colours are determined by the materials that are available to make it. Cloth is dyed according to fixed specifications - in the case of national flags, normally the precise colours are set by law. Mostly they will be specified as Pantone colours. The c (MORE)

What do Swedish flag's colors mean?

The colors of the Swedish flag (blue and yellow) are from the middle age and there are a number of legends that are reported concerning the origin. One legend is that of Erik the Holy who saw the colors in the sky (blue sky, clouds tinted yellow by the setting sun) when he landed in what is now Fi (MORE)

Born in UK how can get UK nationality?

if you where legitamly born in the UK then then you don't need to do anything as it will state on your birth certifacate if you have lost this then you need to go to the registy office where you was registerd and get a repacement i belive it costs £12.50

What is the history of Chile's flag's design?

The blue symbolizes the sky, the white symbolizes the snow covered Andes mountains, the red represents the blood spilled to achieve independence, and the star represents a guide to progress and honor

What is the day the UK became the UK?

The Union of the Parliaments ie the joining of the English and Scottish Parliaments was in 1707. The Act of Union joined England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in 1801. In 1922 Northern Ireland was formed and the Republic of Ireland became independent, leaving England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ire (MORE)

Is India in the UK?

No. The UK is in Europe and India on the Asian continent. UK means United Kingdom and London is its major city. The UK is also sometimes referred to as Britain or as Great Britain.

What is Six Flag's tallest ride?

It depends on which Six fFags you are talking about. If you arecomparing all of them, then the ride Kingda Ka, which is in CedarPoint. It goes exactly straight and curves at the top, and goesright back down.

What does the UK in wrt610n-UK mean?

That looks a bit like a post-code. For example NE99 1BB Someone sending a letter to the United Kingdom would put UK on the envelope to signify it's meant for an address in the British Isles.

How can you get a nickname?

I think you have to live your life and wait for something that sticks .it either has to suit your personality or just an abbreviation of your name . the best way (in my opinion) would be to get someone you know to think of something similar to yourself .

What do the Bulgarian flag's colors mean?

Answer The white strip is said to stand for peace, love and freedom; the green the agricultural wealth of the county and the red the struggle for independence and the courage of Bulgaria's wealth. World Book's Encyclopedia of Flags, p 24

What is the US flag's name?

It is the flag of the United States of America. It has also been called Old Glory, and (from the Francis Scott Key poem, turned into the song) the Star-Spangled Banner).

Why do you have nicknames and why do men have nicknames and not women?

Well a woman may not have a nickname becuase nothing suits them. People have nicknames because they ether want to say there name shortly, or they dont like there name. nicknames: Jessica = Jess Danielle = Dani Daniel = Dan Lauren = Loza / Loz Oliver / Olivia = Ollie (olivia->) Liv ect thx

What is the UK minimum salary in the UK?

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) in the UK varies depending on age and whether the person is an apprentice. The wages are as follows: £2.60 for apprentices under 19 or those who are over 19 and past their first year of apprenticeship. £3.68 for people age 16 and 17. £4.98 for those (MORE)

What is the UK life expectantcy for the UK?

Currently it's about 83 years for women, about 2 years lower for men. nonetheless keep in mind that severe illnesses, accidents, etc are also included. so don't you worry!

How do you dial a UK cellphone that is in US from a UK cellphone in UK?

If the UK phone in the USA has roaming enabled, and most will, then you dial the standard UK number. The cellphone system will find the phone, no matter where it is in the world. Be considerate when dialling phones that are out of the country. The person you are calling pays excessive charges f (MORE)

Is it 'a UK' or 'an UK'?

It is "A UK.." The letter U's name begins with an unwritten consonant called the y-glide: we say "a yoo-kay"