What is the absolute location of the united Arab emirates?

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23 degrees north, 53 degrees east.
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What is the postcode for the United Arab Emirates?

Cities and towns in the UAE do not use ZIP (or Postal)codes. There are NO postcodes ANYWHERE in the UAE and no street deliveriesof mail. Most people get their mail at their employers address, throughtheir own registered post box, or through door-to-door courierdeliveries. A typical postal addres (MORE)

Why did the United Arab Emirates form?

The United Arab Emirates formed from seven different emirates. Thecountry formed in 1971, after it became clear that Britain was nolonger able to effectively administrate the emirates' affairs. Asfor why the emirates remained united as opposed to fissioning intoseparate states, the reason for the un (MORE)

What are the rivers in United Arab Emirates?

The main source of water used to be underground deposits, but the have largely been depleted. Today most of the water comes from the Ocean desalination plants, which convert saltwater to fresh water. There is a small amount of run off from rain on the slopes, but much of the country is uninhabitable (MORE)

What are the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE or United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates[a political territory ruled by a Muslim monarch styled emir]situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula on the ArabianGulf. It is bordered by Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Who is the ruler of the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE is a Federation of 7 states (or Emirates), it is run alongthe lines of a Federation of States with a central government (witha President and Prime Minister), but also a local governmentnormally which is ruled the patriarchal chief or Sheikh normallyreferred to as "The Ruler of Dubai" or "The (MORE)

What is the geography of the United Arab Emirates?

Physical Features of the United Arab Emirates Mountains of the UAE: The United Arab Emirates has a magnificent mountain ranges such as the Hajjar Mountains (The Stone Mountains) which rises in some areas to 2,500 meters. Then the rugged Jebel Jais mountain area (which reaches a height (MORE)

How many emirates are there in the United Arab Emirates?

There are seven emirates that form the UAE and these are: . Abu Dhabi (the capital) . Dubai . Sharjah . Fujeirah . Umm Al Quwain . Ajman . Ras al Khaimah Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain and Fujairahbecame unified in 1971 and Ras al-Khaimah joined the union in 1972. (MORE)

Does the United Arab Emirates have earthquakes?

Yes, UAE has faced some minor earthquakes. Over the years in the United Arab Emirates there have been quite a few minor earthquakes. The UAE is not safe from earthquakes as originally thought. Indeed, there are now are several Earthquake monitoring groups from the United States of America and loc (MORE)

Is it nice in united Arab emirates?

In ONE WORD.... YES!!!!! In Proper words.. Whether you want to gaze at the sunset on the beach or just chill in the cities, the United Arab Emirates will cater your needs!

The United Arab Emirates is located on which continent?

The UAE is actually located along with Saudi Arabia and an numberof other Middle Eastern states on it's own tectonic plate, whichlies between the African, Asian and European plates; for allintense and purpose it is normally recoginsed as being part of the Asian continent . See image link below

How rich is the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE... . Is the thirty-fifth largest economy. . Is globally ranked thirty-second for Human Development Index. . It has the fifteenth highest purchasing power per capita. . Has the sixth largest oil reserves. Not the richest nation of the world, but certainly in the top ten percent.

What are facts about the United Arab Emirates?

Some interesting facts about the UAE: * Abu Dhabi will soon have some of the most famous museums in theworld such as the Guggenheim and Louvre. *Jebal Hafeet in Al Ain is the world most fascinating driving roadmeasuring in length at 7.3 miles and reaching almost 4,000 feet.with 60 corners and a h (MORE)

Which emirates make up the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates is made up of 7, previously autonomoustribal emirates. After they unified in 1971/2, they became onecountry the " United Arab Emirates " with one singlefederal government. There are no seperate countries within the UAE. 1. Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi city is the capital of the UAE (MORE)

How do you dial united Arab emirates?

The inrnational dialing code for the UAE is +971 followed by the number you are dialing, if it is a mobile number it will probably start with 05 e.g. +97150 ....... if it is a land-line number then it will be +971 followed by the emirate code and then the number you are dialing . e.g. Dubai +971 4 (MORE)

Who is the king of united Arab emirates?

Well, first of all they're not really called kings. They're even closer to presidents than kings, but the leaders of the UAE are called Sheikhs. Before November 2nd, 2004, the leader was Sheikh Zayed. Or Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He was pretty well loved. However, the CURRENT leader Sheikh (MORE)

Are there mountains in the United Arab Emirates?

Yes, albeit very small ones. The mountainous part of the country is towards Ras Al Khamah (in the East) where the UAE borders Oman. The Arabic word for mountain is "jebel" and is commonly included in many tall or high landscape features

Are potatoes grown in the United Arab Emirates?

No, potatoes are not grown in the UAE because they need a lot of irrigation, plowed earth and moderate weather conditions which the UAE does not have since the weather is very hot and the earth is desert like. Their main crops are tomatoes, melons and dates.

Is the United Arab Emirates a democracy?

no, there are no political parties and no democratic elections. it is run along a fuedal system where the heir of the the ruling family becomes president if and when the old president passes away or steps down

Where is united Arab emirates university?

Well, there are lots of universities in U.A.E and I don't know which university you are talking about. Anyways, you can get the list of top universities in U.A.E from the link given below.

Does United Arab Emirates extradite criminals?

Depends on the nature of the crime and the nationality of the criminal - whether or not they have an extradition treaty with that country; if it is an embarrassing situation for the UAE they will normally simply expel the person from the UAE, what happens to him after that is his problem

How hot can it get in the United Arab Emirates?

In summer the ambient night time temperature does not fall below 35 degrees Celsius - that means when the sun comes up the next morning it is already 40 odd degrees by 10 am. Average "Summer High" is in the region of 42 to 45 degrees C, although it can get up to 50 degrees C on occasion. The hottes (MORE)

Does United Arab Emirates have plains?

Yes, it does.There are fertile plains in Siji and areas such as al Dhaid in Sharjah, there are some in Digdaga, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Al Ain. In many of these areas the farms are located.

Who is the shaikh of united Arab emirates?

there isn't 1 shaikh in particulasr for the UAE, there is 1 shaikh for each city in the UAE - Abu Dhabi (capital of the UAE), Dubai, Ras Al Khaima, Ajmaan, Sharjah, Fujaira and Um Al Quwain

What is the climate of the United Arab Emirates?

Most of the year the United Arab Emirates has very hot months with it reaching it hottest by July when the weather easily can almost reach 50c. May onwards until September/October the months are hot and humid. From October and sometimes earlier-depending- the cooler months begin with cooler evening (MORE)

Is The United Arab Emirates developed?

The United Arab Emirates is as developed as most of the high-profile cities in the world ( e.g Paris, Milan.) The most special city in the UAE is Dubai because it has got the tallest tower in the world in it

When was the United Arab Emirates founded?

2nd of december 1971 The United Arab Emirates was founded from a group of ArabianPeninsula sheikhdoms along the northwestern coast of the Gulf ofOman and the southern coast of the Persian Gulf.

Is the united Arab emirates tropical?

The UAE is a desert, it is not tropical. Although in summer it canbe extremely humid (almost the smae as tropical countries), but hasno rain during this period.

How do you work in the United Arab Emirates?

You have to have a job offer from a local company in order to work in the UAE. The company then sponsors your residency visa while you work for them. If you are un-employed and cannot find work you need to leave the country. Best method is to look for job vacancies through local recruitment agencie (MORE)

Where is the United Arab Emirates located?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a small country located on the continent of Asia. It is situated on the Arabian peninsula in the south east, south of the states of Qatar and Bahrain and bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia.