What is the accented syllable for coronary?

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The first syllable CO - ro -na - ry
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What is an accented syllable?

It's the stressed syllable in a word, the one you say a bit more forcefully than the others. In the word "tomorrow", you emphasize the syllable "mor" more than the other sylla

What are accent syllables?

When we say a word we generally sayit with stress on one of the syllables. This is the accent syllable. Hard to give an example with out being able to speak. For example

Which syllable is the accented syllable in angiography?

The third syllable (ogg, ahh) is properly stressed, as (ann-jee-OGG-ruh-fee) or (ann-jee-AHH-gruh-fee). *Splitting the gr , while correct, does not occur naturally in Engl