What is the adjective form of sarcasm?

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What is sarcasm?

Sarcasm, a word ultimately derived from a Greek word meaning tostrip off the flesh, is a form of humour marked with mocking, oftenused to indicate meaning the opposite of what

What are the forms of adjectives?

An adjective can have a form of positive, comparative orsuperlative. These are the three forms of adjectives that tellcomparison or just simply describe the noun or pronoun.

What sarcasm is?

Megan Lindsay isn't funny. Answer How do you now when a person is being sarcastic? It is when a person laughs first when they are trying to get someone to laugh at someon

Why is sarcasm the lowest form of humor?

It is not. The pun is the lowest form of humor. _______________ I think the line is something like: Puns are the highest form of humor and the lowest form of wit. The impl

What is the adjective form of form?

The word "formal" is an adjective form of the noun form. However, it has the modern connotation of official or decorous. An adjective form of the verb form is "formed" wh