What is the advantage of sublingual drug administration?

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The drug is absorbed very rapidly into the system and directly into the blood stream. It avoids first past metabolism and therefore it is more effective and in a shorter amount of time.
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What are the training requirements for the drug enforcement administration?

You should be in excellent physical shape prior to taking a fitness test. 2 mile run in under 16:30 min. 40 pushups 10 pullups 50 situps 26 second shuttle run All of these events are done immediately following each other with little rest time. Position: Criminal Investigator Pay Pla (MORE)

What are the advantages of drugs?

If your talking like Mariuana theres nothing. But medicine, can heal serios illness,diseases ar even cancer. There are more disadvantages than advantages.

What causes sublinguitis?

Sublinguitis is inflammation in the sublingual gland. It can becaused by mumps, a stone in the salivary duct, tumors, andbacterial parotitis.

What are the golden rules for drug administration?

i am a train ing officer and we use the LADF medication Booklet which uses the "Severn rights " which are the,;. right person. right Drug. right time. right dose. right method. right procedure. right record keeping. if you follow this you should be fine. hope this helps

What are the advantages of drug abuse?

Only advantage of drug abuse is the release of feel good chemicals,Other than that almost all drugs have nasty side effects and awfulwithdrawal effects. Most drugs can cause cancer like any TobaccoProducts. Simple suggestion, STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!

What are the advantages of using drugs?

If you are talking about drugs that are abused such as herion, marijuana, cocaine, opioids, bennies, the advantages are only the short term effects. The disadvantages however are far greater and include becoming addicted to the point that you cannot stop using, you spend all your money on the substa (MORE)

What are the advantages of taking up drugs?

Temporary relief of symptoms, possible social advantages. Read and learn before you do anything, and start low and work your way up be careful if you do try anything, you can die and you will die if you screw up, so please be very smart about your choices.

Advantages and disadvantages to buccal medication administration?

buccal mucosa has a rich supply of blood enabling rapid absorption of the drug into the systemic circulation. it by-passes the liver initially therefore avoids first pass metabolism. drug administration can be rapidly curltailed by simply removing the dosage form from site of application

What are the advantages of studying business administration?

The advantages of studying business administration sets the studentup to be in beginning level management when they graduate. A fouryear degree will open the doors to a wide variety of positions inmarketing, financial and other types of jobs.

Advantages and disadvantages of business administration?

The advantages of business administration is making good contactsfor business. Also, it allows great educational experience in thebusiness world. Some disadvantages are making hard decisions, notbeing able to stand up for yourself and having to go with themajority.

What is the route of drug administration from slowest to fastest?

Slowest or LEAST EFFECTIVE route to MOST EFFECTIVE route: Topical (Slowest or least effective) Ingestion Intramuscular (IM) Intraperitoneal Inhalation (Inhaler or ET tube) Intravenous (IV) Some studies show administration of drugs via ET tube is as effective as IV.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of illegal drugs?

I have back pain. I am prescribed oxycodone from an orthopedist. I supplement that with smoking pot, which gives me the same relief. Oxcodone is a HARD CORE narcotic, which can do some damage. By smoking plenty of weed, I can keep my oxcodone use to a minimum.

Advantage of public administration?

Public administration is based on government policies that dictatespecific guidelines for public employees. Advantages of working inthe public administration sector include a diversity ofdisciplines.

Six rule of drug administration by nurses?

Right patient , Right medication , Right dose , Right time , Right route , Right documentation .. Since the doctor makes the rules (orders) and nurses deliver them to patients:. T ell M e D octor, P atient R ules D elivered-mnemonic

Advantage of sterile drug?

sterile drugs if meeting several criteria have advantages because the may be use intravenously, intraspinal or intrathecal or im. but must also be preservative free for spinal, intrathecal. non sterile drugs generally are only for "by mouth" or rectal administration. JUST B/C A DRUG IS STERILE DOES (MORE)

What did Food and Drug Administration do?

The FDA is a law that regulates to cold and hot beverages, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation is when All the food products manufacturers and producers are under the control of FDA. This is used many scenarios with buisness like Coco Cola. This law was created in the US but has now expand (MORE)

What is a sublingual spray?

Sublingual refers to 'under the tongue'. Therefore a sublingual spray would be a spray that is to be sprayed under the tongue.

What is Ativan sublingual?

Ativan sublingual is generally used to manage acute stress. The sublingual route allows medication to be absorbed by the body very quickly therefore it is able to treat the anxiety very quickly.

What are some responsibilities of the Food and Drug Administration?

The FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety, tobacco products, dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs (medications), vaccines, biopharmaceuticals,blood transfusions, medical devices, elec (MORE)

What does food and drug administration regulate?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates food(including dietary supplements), drugs, cosmetics, medical devices,tobacco, and electronics products. FDA falls within the Department of Health and Human Services. It isheaded by the Commissioner of Food and Drugs, appointed by thePresident, (MORE)

What is Parenteral administration of a drug?

Parenteral administration is any administration that is not via the GI system, meaning oral or rectal. Parenteral means "around the enteral system." Intravenous, subcutaneous, and intramuscular injections are all parenteral routes of administration. While inhalation would be considered parenteral (MORE)

What are some of the advantages of legalizing drugs?

1. Not as much money would have to be spent on law enforcement and prisons. People used drugs a lot in the late 1800's too, but they were not arrested for it. They'd embarrass themselves, relatives would cover for them, they'd sleep it off, etc. Yes, there would still be extreme cases like the addi (MORE)

What are the advantages of using Generic drugs?

Generic drugs are often more in expensive and more basic. take vicodin for example, Watson being the original vicodin, but there is oxycodone and hydro codone. Just like vicodin, their pain killers, but only contain the necessary components for killing pain. no extra un-needed chemicals. -DRUG MA (MORE)

Is the Food and Drug Administration only for the US?

The United States has a Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), butso does China (CFDA). Other countries might also have an FDA or anequivalent agency. People tend to forget that the USFDA does not just regulate drugs.It also regulates food (human and animal) not covered by USDA,medical devices, radi (MORE)

What is the most common drug given sublingual?

Any water-soluble drug (most often in tablet form)...I used to take benzodiazipines that way (though there's a very unpleasant filler that collects); suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone [4:1]) is very popular for being administrated via that route.

Where is the sublingual tonsils?

Sublingual tonsils are the second pair of tonsils that extend inferiorly from the base of tongue as opposed to the pair of palatine tonsils that are seen easily in the back of the oral cavity.

Where is a sublingual drug administered?

Sub-lingual means under the tongue The sheer number of blood vessels under the tongue make it a perfect absorption area for many drug molecules Saul is the managing pharmacist at israelpharm.com you can ask your pharmacy related question pharmacist@israelpharm.com

What are the advantages of using a drugs?

None.... Unless you want to drain your bank.... some people are really creative with drugs though, like Kid Cudi. But drugs are bad and don't screw with your health. Every day is a gift.

What are advantages and disadvantages of drugs?

There are neither advantages nor disadvantages on drugs, assuming that you are referring to drugs used to treat illnesses. When a sick person needs to take a determined drug, the concept of advantage or disadvantage becomes useless, because the patient could not survive without that drug, depending (MORE)

Are restaurants regulated by the Food and Drug Administration?

Restaurants are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration since society have a particular amount of calories that is wanted in each type of food. The drug administration can be found since food must identify the iron, calcium, and ecetera in food.

According to the drug enforcement administration drug addiction is?

The DEA uses the following definition: The term "addict" means any individual who habitually uses any narcotic drug so as to endanger the public morals, health, safety, or welfare, or who is so far addicted to the use of narcotic drugs as to have lost the power of self-control with reference to his (MORE)