What is the advantages of wearing school uniform?

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students should be required to wear school uniform as it represents what school they go to.
wearing school uniform means that less fortunate students cannot get judged by what they wear as they are wearing the same outfit as everyone else,
it takes the pressure off poor children to try look fashionable along with other students.
a school uniform also saves students from putting their fashion tastes before their learning..

and that's about right i think ;)
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Why do children have to wear school uniform?

Sense of belonging to an organisation/unity. Easier for parents. And because individualism results in disestablishmentarianism.

Why we should wear school uniforms?

there are alot of reasons like people cant judge you on what you wear, or like it saves you time in the morning because alot of people waste their time looking for clothes and have no time to eat breakfast.. the next day you don't have to worry on what to wear

Advantages of wearing school uniform?

personatily i think the advantages are that everyone looks the sameand there is no bullying over what brand you wear and it saves thehastle of having to choose something to wear every morning

Do teachers have to wear uniforms in school?

It is not necessary for teachers to wear uniforms. After all, their schooling days are over and relief of not having to put on another boring standard uniform would definitely be extinguished. However, it is of utmost importance that teachers dress appropriately and within certain guidelines. Their dressing potrays their personality and also tends to affect how seriously they are taken by the students. In addition to that, they are setting an example for the students to follow. Students who observe a particularly innappropriately dressed teacher will follow suit and neglect their own dress code or uniform. Therefore, the topic of whether teachers should wear uniforms is highly debatable and there are both pros and cons to this subject. But for teachers the safest thing to do would be to ditch the tight, short, transparent, revealing attire and dress professionally for students to admire respectfully.

Why should you wear school uniforms?

school uniforms stink and they are lame schools think we shouldd wear them because they think its cool but we should be able to express our self

What schools wear uniforms?

Boston New york Chicago Washington and many more . Most private and public schools in countries of the Commonwealth have uniforms. This includes the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Why do schools wear uniforms?

not all schools do wear uniforms, but those that do i think are right for making us wear a uniform, because if we wore normal clothes people could tell who was rich and who was poor, and pick on people for the clothes they wear. whereas wearing a uniform makes us look the same, so we cant pick on people for the way they look, cos your wearing the same!

Should schools wear uniforms?

yes because it represents your school lets say your school is good ,the people would know its your school

Why do you have to wear uniforms in school?

All private schools that focus on a certain religon (usually the religon that is most popular in the area) have uniforms. These uniforms aren't very stylish, but at least they have some color. In private schools, you learn about a certain God (depending on your religion). It also:. Shows respect for God. . You won't get in trouble for noodle straps or any other violation of the school dress code. . When a bully wants to say that your outfit is lame, they can't because they are wearing the same thing. . You won't be late for school because you wear the same think everyday, you just need to pick if you'll wear a skirt, pants, shorts, etc. . You can focus on education more. . Uniforms makes underwear and girls' undershirts not exposed most of the time. . Back in the day (1960s and down) many people couldn't purchase fancy clothing for their children so it makes it easier. . I don't like uniforms (as I had to wear them) but it doesn't really matter. Here's more opinions from contributors of WikiAnswers: . Well, frankly I would ask the same question and the answer would be that the school dudes are evil and want to take away your originality.

What are the advantages of wearing a uniform?

It helps people focus in school because they can't wonder around seeing what everyone in wearing. Students don't have to think what to wear to school because they just put on their school uniform and get going. That's my thoughts!

Cons of wearing school uniforms?

I have some jot note answers. -limits your freedom and creativity -bad for clothing businesses (who will buy their products?) -makes students much more rebellious toward school rules Hope I helped! I am an 11th grade Gifted student with nothing to do on a Saturday. =)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a school uniform in school?

Advantages: -equality -presentable -visibilty -prevemts appearance/clothing conflicts -saftey/security Disadvantages: -bad quality -blocks creative apression -bland/boring desings -restrictive (sizes)/uncomfortable

Advantages of school uniforms?

1. A school uniform makes it easier for the school authorities to recognize students belonging to their school. It also makes it somewhat tougher for those that don't belong to slip in; unless, of course, they go to all the trouble of buying a uniform that fits. 2. A school uniform also saves the school administrators from having to police what the students wear. There are no daily battles regarding what's appropriate or not for school. 3. A school uniform apparently also saves students from putting their fashion tastes before their learning requirements. When they don't have to spend time wondering what to wear and how to make a fashion statement, they can devote more time to getting an education. Theoretically, that is. 4. Wearing the same type of dress reduces social snobbery and peer pressure in educational institutions. It is also supposed to reduce incidents of bullying and theft. How do you pick on someone for wearing the same dress as yourself? Why would you steal a pair of shoes you both have and can afford? I suppose there are ways and there are reasons, but fewer. 5. School uniforms cramp the style of gang members. They have to recognize each other by names and faces instead of by flaunting aggressively painted jackets, T-shirts with obscene messages, clunky jewelry, and things like that. Instead of 'my gang' and 'your gang', they also have to think in terms of 'our school'. It's a hard life. On the brighter side, it helps them to live another day and go on to survive in college. 6. A school uniform can instill a sense of discipline and community feeling. This naturally reduces incidents of violence. Students can come to school without worrying about personal safety. Teachers don't have to double as guards, and can concentrate on teaching.

What states wear school uniforms?

I believe some school in every state require school uniforms. Some more than others. But all in all, there aren't any specific states the support or don't support school uniforms.

Why shouldn't we wear school uniforms?

Because you have your own rights to waer what you want in less you sign something or you'll get kicked out of a job if you don't waer what they want you to but private schools have a reputation

Why is it important to wear a school uniform?

A fixed dress code helps the students perform academicallybetter. Students concentrate more on their studies rather thanworrying about what they are wearing. . Apart from removing distraction, uniforms compel students totake school environment more seriously. . Children tend to be misjudged and ridiculed by others due tothe kind of clothes they wear. Thus, uniforms reduce socialconflict and violence in the schools. . One of the most profound benefits of having schools uniforms isthat they are highly cost effective and relieve the parents fromthe burden of buying fashionable and expensive clothes every nowand then.

Would you wear uniforms at school?

Yes, I would. As a matter of fact I do. Uniforms are good for so many reasons, I'll just list them here: - Establishes equality between students - Helps prevent bullying - Makes it easy in the morning to dress for school - Saves money on expensive designer clothes - Demonstrates school spirit - Helps staff identify intruders quickly ans easily - Helps diminish gang activity in school (Blocks out gang colours)

Why shouldn't you wear uniforms to school?

Without uniforms children can't express the personality. You're clothing represents you're beliefs and religion, and with uniforms everyone is the same. Many uniforms are expensive, and some children can't afford the expensive uniforms. If everyone is wearing the same thing, children can't get bullied for what they wear.

You should have to wear uniforms in school?

in this society there are many cases of bullying and sometimes this can sadly lead to suicide. Most of the deaths are because of how someone looks or usually what someone wears. If you wear a school uniform you cant be singled out and therefore if someone says you look stupid they are saying that they also look stupid.

Should schools have to wear uniforms?

I Really Don't Might Wearing Uni-form But As You Can See Other People Have Issues With It Like Forgetting To Pick Up The Tie, Putting On The Wrong Shoes, Etc. My Uni-form Is Black And Make's Me Look Like A Right Emo But I Don't Stress About It You Only Wear It For What 6 Hours About That Then Show People Who You Really Are By Wearing Your Cultural Clothes. I Don't See The Big Deal About Uni-form But You're Gonna Wear It How Ever Much You Stress So You Might Aswell Just Wear It Now And Live The Rest Of Your Life How You Wish. Hope I've Helped Louise-Annee xx

How do you be a goth when you wear school uniform?

what i do is wear all black and i also wear jewlery, rings, shoes, and paint my nails black. so you can just take that little piece of information and put it to good use. -Laura

Why do teacher not wear a school uniform?

Teachers don't have to wear school uniform because the school does not have that policy. Though they do have the policies that students in that school do have to. Casual days is a kind of treat for students that are in a school that have the policy that children have to wear the school uniform. What I say is "Why cant teachers wear uniform as well as students?" So if you are a school student wondering why than let me tell you, one day teachers will and one day we will wear casual clothes.

What is the importance of wearing school uniforms?

As young people get onlder it may be necesary for them to wear a suit or uniform at work. starting kids at a young age to get used to this helps them adjust better in daily life as an adult.. Also people dressing the same can elliminate some bullying. Some children may get picked on because of their clothes. school uniforms can help with this.

Do they wear school uniform in Denmark?

in denmark they hardly ever wear school uniform, its usually just private schools that have them..

Why is cheaper to wear school uniforms?

It is cheaper to wear school uniforms because you only have to to buy one or two sets of clothes for school in the entire year, whereas most people buy up to 20 pairs of clothes throughout the course of the school year. Also, if your uniform is of good quality it should last you a while which could result in you using it for more than one year, which saves you more money.

Why do some schools wear uniforms?

Schools have uniforms because the school board and parents especially don't want the students to get teased by what they wear. Also, parents don't want to have to buy so much clothes for their child. I asked my principal the same question because my History teacher had the class choose a topic to protest on, and we all chose no more uniforms. She told us the same thing and that if we REALLY wanted the uniforms to discontinue, our parents had to protest to the school board. However, she also said that parents were the ones who started the uniform policy. .

How does wearing uniforms help schools?

it decreases bullying and eliminates the chances of somebody wering innapropriate clothing. it also make you look smarter.

Do you have too wear a school uniform?

Only if the school you go to enforces a uniform policy. Usually only catholic and private schools support such a policy.

Do you have to wear school uniform?

Wearing School Uniforms If you attend a school that has adopted school uniforms, then yes, in most schools you would have to wear them.

Why is it good to wear uniforms in schools?

Its suppose to make people not wear slutty clothes and look bad. Its also to stop people that are making fun of what people wear. Though, those people (that make fun of people) still think they are the best looking people and will make fun of the "uncool" people. Truthfully, they shouldn't do that to kids. Kids should express how they are but dressing it. (:

What schools do not have to wear uniform?

All schools in the UK have a uniform policy. Only private schools do not adhere to a uniform policy.

What are the advantages of wearing a school uniform?

The advantages of wearing your school uniforms are it helps maintain school discipline. Uniforms reduce social conflict and violence in the school. You will have no distractions during school or your classes.

What high schools wear uniforms?

I honestly could not give you a list of all the thigh schools that require uniforms but I can tell you what kind of school require them. I know for a fact that all catholic schools support the uniform policy (Personal experience in grade 9). I also know that most other private or separate school wear uniforms as well. There are some rare cases of public schools supporting the uniform policy but the odds of you coming across one are quite frankly astronomical.

Why do kids have to wear school uniform?

So nobody envys you because of your clothes and it will take to long to decide what to wear.(unless you planned it the night before). And it will help you learn better.

How do you wear school uniforms with style?

accesorize, just barely follow the rules, basically make urself stand out. (ex: wear a hot pink tank under ur white blouse, and unbutton the blouse low)

Do you have to wear a uniform at private school?

Depends what private school you go to, I go to a private school and I have to wear a school uniform but I do know a few Private schools that don't. x

Do Spanish schools wear uniforms?

In Spain its the same as here some do some don't although most of the school don't have school uniforms. The requirement to wear uniforms is much more common in Spanish private schools than in public schools.

Why do teachers not wear a school uniform?

Because they can't be bothered and because they would need a pay rise to wear a uniform

What is the benefit of not wearing uniform to school?

the benefits are that people say uniforms promote good behavior but the truth is that students promote good behavior and i guarantee you that people will act the same casual or uniform................

Do you want to wear school uniforms?

it would be more comfortable not to wear school uniforms but if we wear our own clothes then we are more likely to get teased because of the type of clothes or whether its designer etc - i hoped this helped

What is the advantages of wearing college uniform?

None, until the human mind starts to get creative withrationalizing (forming excuses deep in the subconscious beliefsystem, then forgetting, leaving their brain circuity in 'limbo'over 'spilt milk' in cases like this). Those that are more down toearth seem to understand, it's only clothing and should it reallymatter? It's up to individuals to find advantages and disadvantagesin life anyway. Everyone has their individual path and were allborn into different positions anyway. Everyone has different goalsregardless of how many we share. If something doesn't benefitpeople, then it's irrational by definition. To a lot of people (100% of people until they form somepolitically-triggered excuse later in life) want to be what theywant to be. To many, It's forced-clothing in a culture that wantsto dress as it feels. In a reality that does no harm even if alawyer were to dress as as a punk-goth, In a larger reality thatonly actions cause harm but stills such as 'being' are alwaysharmless.

Why you shouldn't wear our school uniform?

who shouldn't wear uniformm because then we can expess our creativityy in many wayys...i think uniform is a piece of shxxt

What is the purpose of wearing school uniforms?

The reduction of individuality and the building of group identity are the major reasons for the utilization of uniforms. On the contrary, as others have said, it stops bullying, means less one upmanship regarding trainers etc, helps those less fortunate, and shows outsiders that you are from a certain school.It makes a better person,

Do middle school have to wear uniforms?

It depends on the type of school. Mostly public schools do not need uniforms. But in Catholic schools you almost always have to.AND IN MOST christian schools and private schools they about 90% of the time have to wear uniforms

Do they wear uniforms in Honduras schools?

Yes, in most South American countries, school uniforms are used to show some formality in the poor school systems they posses.

Do students not have to wear school uniforms?

Of course everybody does however depends what school they are in and also what country, city e.t.c

Why is it important for wearing school uniform?

if you wear school uniforms, you won't have to worry about your students wearing inappropriate clothing. they won't have too-short shorts, or really low tops, or belly showing shirts. wearing whatever you want for clothing can express your feelings, but it might do so in a horrible way. if everybody wears a school uniform, nobody can be bullied by what clothes they wear.

Why you should wear your school uniform?

School uniforms have pros and cons. Reasons why students should wear their uniforms are because:. 1. There aren't as many bullying problems because everyone wears the same clothing. 2. It saves parents money, they don't need to waste as much money as they would if there were no uniforms. 3. Uniforms gives the district or school a professional look. Cons:. 1. Uniforms can be extremely uncomfortable. 2. The colors are boring. 3. When you wear a uniform your school may sometimes be stricter about the dress policy.

What is good about wearing school uniform?

You can't be made fun of by others, and you can't waste tme on whatto wearin the morning.

Do you need to wear school uniforms?

That's a yes and no question. Wearing uniforms can be useful,because if children do not have a pick in clothing, they will focusmore on their schoolwork. But, letting them choose their clothinggives them independence.