What is the age limit for disability insurance?

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Does it make sense to purchase disability insurance at age 72?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nHere is advice:\n. \n . Not only does it not make sense, you can't! It may, however, make very good sense, depending on your own personal situati

Can you get disability insurance after a disability?

You can get disability coverage after a disability under certain conditions. It depends upon the cause of your disability and how long you have been recovered. Each carrier ha

Who can get disability insurance?

Although Social Security provide you financial assistant but it fails when you some how or other get some disability. In such cases disability insurance can benefits a man. An

Being on disability at age 57 how can you get health insurance or medicare since you cannot work?

Double check with your local Social Security office to find out about your eligibilty for Medicare. Generally, after you are on Social Security Disability for two years, you a

Is there any age limit for which Extended Term Insurance cannot be granted?

It sounds like you are talking about a Term policy already in force. You can keep that term insurance as long as you can afford to keep paying the premiums. But it would be ch

Age limit for elderly life insurance?

The age limit for elderly life insurance will depend on the life insurance carrier with whom you are applying for coverage. Individual carriers establish this limit as a matte

Time limit for claiming state disability insurance in Texas?

The is no time limit, because there is no state disability insurance in Texas. State disability, where mandated, is typically short term coverage. Federal, or Social Securi

How do you get disability insurance?

For an individual: You would have to put in an application with a company that provides disability insurance. They will check your medical records, perform an exam, and also l

What is the age limit for pet insurance?

Each pet insurance company has different age limits for dogs and cats. Most companies will insure pets of any age but with limited coverage. For example, if your dog is 10 yea

What is the maximum age limit to add children to auto insurance?

Children need to be added to your insurance when they are 15 years old even if they do not have a license or have a learner's permit. Most companies will not charge for the ch