What is the age of a springfield model 18 410?

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"Lancasters pattern centrefire and pinfire .410 shot cartridges first appear in Eley Brothers Ltd. advertising flysheets in 1857. By 1874 Eleys were advertising modern centrefire .410 cartridges. It appears to have become popular around 1900" Wikipedia said this about the .410 cartridge... Could possibly give some clues on the age of the Springfield model 18. For instance, the first .410 cartridges were developed in 1857, meaning the model 18 was made between 1857-present. We know it isn't modern, and that the cartridge became popular in 1900, so here is my educated guess: the Springfield model 18 is anywhere from 65-100 years old. Not a very specific, but I hope this helps your research.
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