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Well, that all depends on what type and brand of infant formula that you use! If you buy the national name brands, they're going to be very expensive, where if you use the store brand equivalents, you can save up to 50% off the name brand prices.
We used Walmart's Store Brand Formula (Parent's Choice) when my girls were babies. They did very well with it, and we didn't have to worry. Store brand infant formulas are nutritionally equal to the much more expensive name brands. Because of the Infant Formula Act of 1980, all infant formulas made in the United State MUST meet or exceed certain nutritional guidelines.

Check out the links below for more information, and to see the savings calculator to compare prices of various brands of infant formula.. Just choose the brand, and it'll give you the cost for a year for both the national name brand as well as the store brand equivalent.
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It depends on what kind of formula you choose. Name brands run about $20-30 per can of the dry powdered formula, where their store brand equivalents are about $10-15... and th

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The cost of baby formula depends on what kind you get. If you get a national name brand, expect to pay $20 or more per can, depending on if it's a special kind or not. If you

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You would need to tell us what year you are asking this question, where you live, which store you shop in, and what brand of formula you buy in order for us to answer this que

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The cost of baby formula depends on what kind you get. If you get a national name brand, expect to pay $20 or more per can, and that all depends on the type of formula. Most S

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In the 1950's, formulas like Similac and Enfamil were not yet widely available. Mothers would actually use a written formula to mix up the ingredients in the formula by hand.

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From 3-6 Months,your infant is entirely dependent on Formula.Hence the consumption would be max..on an average a good branded formula would cost anything bw 18-22 $ per can.So