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What is more distal the wrist or shoulder?

Distal is away from the center of body trunk or point of attachment. The wrist is farther away from center of body trunk. Proximal is closest to the body central axis or point

What is displaced distal radius fracture?

Your radius is in your forearm. You have two bones in the forearm - the radius and the ulna. If you place your hand palm facing upwards towards the ceiling your radius bone is

Meaning of distal?

  In medical terms it would be furthest away from the centre/main part. i.e. the distal part of the finger would be the end of the finger.

Are the alveoli distal or proximal to the bronchi?

The alveoli and bronchi are both parts of the respiratory tree. The main parts of this structure, in the order of air passing through during inspiration are: trachea, bronchi,

What is distal circulation?

Distal circulation refers to circulation that occurs at the  furthest point of the central core. This includes the arms and  legs.

What is an antonym?

The opposite of something.

What are contact and distal gestures?

contact gestures is when someone touches someone to get something  they want. An example would be if someone wanted a cookie they  would grab someone or if they did not want

What is a distal ureteral?

at the far end (distal) of the ureter (the tube through which one pees) the ureter is the tube between the kidney and the bladder.....the urethra is the tube that removes urin