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What is the area of the state of Ohio?

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According to data on Wikipedia... Ohio covers an area of 44,825 square miles - or 116,096 square kilometres.
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Is there a difference between Ohio state and the Ohio state?

Ohio State University and "The Ohio State University" are the same place. Ohio State University wanted to do something to distance itself from all the other universities in Oh

What state is close to Ohio state?

Ohio borders Michigan to the northwest, Ontario Canada to the north ( we share a border with Canada in the middle of Lake Erie) Pennsylvania to the northeast, West Virginia to

Was Ohio a slave state?

  In 1803, Ohio became the first non-slave state out of the northwest territories. Citizens were divided on the subject, but it was an official non-slave state.

Can you sleep at a rest area in Ohio?

According to Ohio Revised Code, the maximum time one can be parked in a rest stop in Ohio is three hours. Persons intending to sleep for up to that three hour limit are requir

Why is Ohio State University called The Ohio State University?

Its legally written in Ohio code. It is basically the result of a trademark dispute against Ohio University. OU trademarked the single use of "Ohio" and took legal actions aga

When does the Ohio state legislature meet?

The Ohio General Assembly is the state legislative branch for Ohio  state. In 2014, the Ohio General Assembly will be in session from  January 7 through December 31.

What states border the state of Ohio?

Ohio is bordered by 5 states and one Great Lake North: Michigan and Lake Erie East: Pennsylvania Southeast: West Virginia South: Kentucky West: Indiana

Which state borders Ohio on the east?

Both Pennsylvania and West Virginia are east of Ohio. Pennsylvania is to the northeast and West Virginia to the southeast.

What area is Ohio valley?

The Ohio River is the largest tributary, by volume, of the Mississippi River. At the confluence, the Ohio is even bigger than the Mississippi (Ohio at Cairo: 281,500 cfs (7,96