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The Asteroid Belt (also known as the Main Belt) is a large region of asteroids (small rocky or metallic bodies) that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

It formed out of the proton planetary disk which orbited the Sun during the early years of the Solar System. However, due to the strong gravity of Jupiter, it could never coalesce to form a true planet.

There are many other asteroids that orbit beyond Neptune in the Kuiper Belt, and there are a few thousand that come closer to the Sun than Earth.
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What is the largest asteroid in the Asteroid Belt?

The largest body in the asteroid belt is Ceres, with a diameter of about 950 km. Although it has long been considered to be an asteroid, Ceres was classified as a "dwarf plane

What is the asteroid belt and where is it located?

The "main belt" of asteroids is a collection of billions of rocky objects orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter (likely because their mass never accreted to form a planet)

Are all the asteroids in the asteroid belt?

No. Asteroids are scattered throughout the solar system in various orbits, some of which are relatively stable. Some have orbits that pass near Earth. But the vast preponderan

What is the asteroid belt located in between?

Most of the asteroids within our solar system can be found within the Asteroid Belt. Located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, the Asteroid Belt consists of millions of

What is the asteroid belt evidence of?

Some people (including me) are led to believe that when the planets were being made, there were hundreds. These planets smashed into each other to basically start a planet war