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Autofill is used to copy things, normally in a constant pattern, like copying a formula or putting in the days of the week or months of the year automatically, or putting in a set of numbers with an equal gap between them. If you open an Excel spreadsheet you can try the following examples.

In cell A1 type 5. In cell A2 type 10. Now select both cells. Click on the fill handle at the bottom corner of A2, and press and hold the mouse button and drag down. IF you do it right, when you stop 15 will be in A3, 20 in A4, 25 in A5 and so on.

Now type Sunday in B1. Put the cursor on B1 and click on the fill handle at the bottom corner of B1 and start to drag down. Monday will go into B2, Tuesday in B3, Wednesday into B4 and so on. You can do the same trick with months. Even if you just type the first 3 letters of a month or a day and drag down, it will put the first 3 letters of the subsequent months and days in the other cells. These are all examples of Autofill.
It is entirely boring to tye in the same data over and over.and it certainly is not intersecting to number lines 1,2,3-----or fill in months of the year or days of the week.execel's auto fill features are just the thing to handle these repetitious action
C.It automatically populates data into cells that reference other cells :)
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