What is the average IQ of a 16-year-old girl?

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By definition, the average IQ is always 100. IQ scores are always adjusted for age to keep the average at 100, but above age 15(?) intelligence remains static till age 55+. The scores are usually arranged in such a way that half the population has scores in the range 90-110, and 75% in the range 85-115. Obviously, it is possible to devise scoring systems that minimize or maximize differences. This is particularly obvious at the extremes: one can arrange the scores so that 96% of the population is in the range 60-140 or one can spread the same people over the range 50-150, for example.
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What is the average 15 year old girls IQ?

The average IQ of anyone at any age is around 100. Genius, 144, 0.13% Gifted, 130 - 144, 2.14% Above Average, 115 - 129, 13.59% Higher Average, 100 - 114, 34.13% Low

What is the average IQ for a 11 year old girl?

Answer . The average IQ for a person in general, it's not age-specific, is around 100. However, the testing must be done with a standardized test, administered by a trained

What is the average IQ for a 19 year old girl?

IQ, intelligence quotient, relates chronological age to mental age. As such it tends not to change very much over time. An 19-year-old girl is going to have about the same IQ

What is the average IQ score for 7 year old girl?

Average is 100. IQ is a standardized measurement. Although there are a number of different tests with different scales of measurement, they can all be converted to the same sc

Average IQ of a 9 year old girl?

Probably around 100. IQ is calculated relative to age, therefore, as one grows older his/her IQ doesn't necessarily increase.

What is average IQ for 7 year old girls?

IQ is not dependent on age. Anything over 100 is considered good, 132 (Standford Benet) is Mensa good. However IQ often does not live up to expectations of society. High IQs t

Average IQ for a 13 year old girl?

ideally, an average IQ should be 100 world wide. Your IQ is your mental age (the average age of someone who possesses your intellect) divided by your physical age (your actual

What is the average IQ for 16 year old girls?

At least according to theory, the average IQ is 100, no matter the gender or age of a person. That said, it is a complicated topic and there are many ways to look at it. An im

Is a 163 IQ average for a 14 year old girl?

No way! Worldwide, the percentage of people who's IQ is above 140 is only a fraction of a percent let alone 163! In fact, the IQ scale is designed so that the average IQ is 10