What is the average cost of utilities in a 3 bedroom apt in allston ma?

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You will have the following costs: This assumes a 3 bedroom is about 1400 sq. ft.

This all depends on what floor you are on. The higher floors will have nearly no heat bill if you pay yourself. Even the third floor of a triple decker will be very inexpensive compared to any first floor place.

If the heat is included beware that you will likely not control the thermostat and the temperature is controlled for the whole building. This is usually steam radiators. If included, it is free, but your rent is higher.

Electric heat for this type of unit will be $250 to $300 in the winter on lower floors and about $150 on upper floors. You can get budget pay with NStar the electric company and they will do a fixed amount with electric heat so you pay year round about $150 per month on lower floors and $100 on upper. This will also cover an electric hot water heater and other electric.

If you have gas heat, the cost will likely be more in the winter and almost nothing in the summer. Gas heat, hot water and oven will run you about $350 or $400 on lower floors in peak months and budget pay amounts about $160/month and on upper floors could be as low as $150 peak and $80 budget pay if you do it for 12 months.

If you have oil heat, cut a deal with the oil people.

Be sure to check windows and doors and the newness of the system if you want a low heat bill.

Cable TV is either RCN or Comcast and that depends on how much you want to watch. Your antenna will get you about 10 stations for free.

Water bill is included in all places in Allston, so is sewer and garbage.

If you choose a particular address, you can call Nstar for the average electric bill and ask for the high and low as well and they will give it to you right over the phone. Keyspan (Now called National Grid) is the provider for Natural Gas - they will do the same thing if you ask.
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What is the average cost of an utilities bill for a two bedroom apartment?

We live in a 850 sq ft. house (~10 yrs old) that we pay $900/month in rent(which is really good deal for living west of downtown). On average we pay $180 for our utilities. Our gas bill fluctuates from around $30-50 in the summer to about $100-$120 in the winter. And we split our water/sewer bill 50 (MORE)

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What is the average cost of an utilities bill for a three bedroom apartment?

This is a very hard thing to answer. I mean things change very quickly. First, if you are living in an aparment building your cost will be much lower than if you are renting a house. On average a month I pay about $30 water/sewer/trash, $200 tv/phone/internet, $100 electric, $50 summer/$150 winter f (MORE)

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The monthly cost of an apartments utilities vary based on region,apartment size, and energy costs, among others. Common utilitycosts that must taken into consideration when factoring the cost ofleasing apartments are electricity, water, waste disposal,internet, television and others. Some apartment (MORE)

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ANSWER: . That's impossible to calculate--too many variables such as square feet, one story or two, all electric or electric/gas, how big your lawn is (water), how old or energy efficient the house is, and where you live. Utility prices vary greatly between states and even within the same state. (MORE)

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What is the cost to move two bedroom apt?

It depends on many factors including the distance of the move, the weight of the things you are moving, who is packing the items, the date of the move, and many more things. You should contact a moving company and get a quote.

What is an average costs for a moving service to pack and move a 3 bedroom house?

Without knowing the distance you are moving it is difficult to provide an estimate of costs as the cost is dependent on the distance you are moving and also the weight of your goods. You probably need to contact a reputable moving company to obtain a quote, but you could also use a tool such at this (MORE)

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How do you you obtain a parking permit for Allston MA?

Visit the Parking Clerk at Boston City Hall. Bring with you your license, registration, and a current utility bill (or another bill showing proof of address). There is no fee, but without all three items you will need to return again!

What is the average utility bill in a one bedroom apartment?

Would depend on the construction and location of the apartment and your utility co rates. But in Green Bay Wisconsin it runs me about $50-$80 a month in summer for gas and elec and $160-$190 a month in the winter. Depends on the weather and how much I play with my electronic toys like my three compu (MORE)

What is average cost of an electric bill for a two bedroom apartment?

I just moved out of an 2bedrooom two of us lived there. we paid aprox.75$ every bill(bc hydro) we were billed every 3months. we were loyal about conserving electricity ie turning lights off, energy efficient bulbs. Heat and hot water were not electric though. If you have an electric heater you'll be (MORE)

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There is no particular answer to this question. First of all there are several variables to consider. First is location. If someone lives in Alaska, the electric biill is going to be different than someone who lives in Arizona. The next variable is the temperature you prefer. Some people are more wa (MORE)

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I looked for an answer to this question for about 75 minutes. Ittook me what seemed like hours to stumble upon any sort of relatedanswer. If you have perhaps made it this far in reading my answer,I will now admit to screwing you over. Have fun finding the answer.Next time don't come to answers.com

Average utilities for 2 bedroom town home?

Depends entirely on the location, and the type of utilities. Gas, water, sewer, and electricity have different rates in different places. How well the home is constructed will also have an impact on costs.

What is the average water bill for 2 bedroom apt in Alexandria VA?

I can tell you this: there have been recent protests in Alexandria City over energy, and my advice to you is: do not move here. My water and sewage bill for my apartment in Mark Center was $39.00 last month and $46.00 this month. I live in a 707 square foot 1 bedroom apartment and I am not even home (MORE)

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