What is the average hotel price in the US?

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Average Hotel Prices In U.S. Average prices for a nice hotel in the United States start at $90 to $150 per night. If you are staying in New York or California, the prices will be much, much higher. It depends on where you are travelling. In U.S. hotel price might be little expensive but you will like them hotel luxurious services.
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Average hotel price?

Prices vary depending on which city you stay in. London the average price per night is around £100.00 for a double room

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What is the average price for a hotel in Orlando?

The average price for a hotel in Orlando range from $40.00 per night all the way up to $300.00 per night. It all depends whether you want plain or high end hotels and where it

What is the average price for a hotel in Europe?

This can be a difficult question to quantify due to the diversity of Europe. For example, a city room, such as in Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin, Madrid, Bucharest, and Amsterdam ca

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There are various options for accommodation in Edmond, Oklahoma. The prices of hotels in Edmond tend to range in price depending on the quality of accommodation that it chose