What is the average income in the US?

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35,000usd per year
The middle class btween $50,000 and 75,000
$46,400 (2009 est.) ~ World Fact Book
22,000- 24,000 a year
The average annual income in the United States is around $45,000 dollars. The average income in California is quite a bit more.
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What is the average gross income in the US?

I hope i can help you to understand the modern political psychy and how and why it suppresses your simple question from being honestly answered in the public statistics.. As

What is average income of US Family?

I read in an Almanac that it is about $44,000 That answer was from the US census bureau with the top and bottom outliers being removed - which was defined as the top 2% an

What was the average income in the US in 1940?

it all depended on what you did, I worked as a construction worker and I made 3.00 an hour. with bonuses and all I made allitle over 6,500.00 a year. but you have to remember

Why does the US have a higher average income?

Because we have higher inflation rates than most other countries. Also, Our Gross Domestic Product is much higher than any other country which causes us to have more money. Un
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What is the average income for Sweden in US dollars?

I make as an industrial worker with no educated skills 45k per year. But if i worked more than 75% i guess i could make some extra. Pointless, as everything is free i do not n
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What is the average household income in the US?

The average household income in the US is around 47,000 dollars.This usually is including two adults working per home. Answers . In 2007 , the median annual household income