What is the average length of a song?

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The average length of a song in American music is almost exactly 4 minutes. It is not know how this varies from culture to culture and over time.

See research project here:

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What is the average length of humans arms?

Human body parts are in constant proportion to the size of the body itself. It depends on the height of the person to determine the length of one's arms. Therefore, it is impossible to average the length of the entire human race's arms, as some humans are very small (babies) and some humans may be (MORE)

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Step length The "riser" is about seven (7) inches. The depth of the step is about seven to eight. There is a formula for calculating the number of steps one should have for a particular height -- 8 foot , 10 foot, and the like. Stairs are built on a "7-11" risers being approx. 7" and the tread be (MORE)

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The length of meetings can be different depending on what needs tobe discussed. Some meetings can be short as 5 to 10 minutes whileothers can go on for an hour or more.

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From:. The Influence of Aircraft Development . on Runway Design . Copyright ã 1998, Scott D. Murdock . The average military runway is 11,526ft. .

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An anthropometric study of 1197 North American adult Caucasian males (men age 35.5 years) found that a man's foot length was 26.3 cm with a standard deviation of 1.2 cm.

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Based on several reports I've received from several sources, the estimated average of a person's incarceration in a county jail is 45 days. I received information recently about a person who has been in the county jail for seven years, still awaiting trial.

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The length of the average British House Spider (non-poisonous) is around 10-50mm (1-5cm) but larger and smaller specimens have been found.

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Music is a form of art. There is no set time limit for any kind of music; rather, it is for the composer to decide how long a piece of music will be. For some pieces of music, a long duration can leave a person yawning, therefore a shorter duration may be necessary. It all depends on what the compos (MORE)

What is the average length of an Alligator Gar?

the average length of the fearsome air breathing land walking aliigator gar is usually 5 to 6 feet long although it is quite common to catch a 9 to 10 ft gar sometimes they even get 16 feet long

What is the average length of service for a CEO?

, It depends on the company. There is really no "average" and quite often there is not one even within the company. Board members, however, are often given a set "term of service" Hope this helps, WA

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It depends on what the length of your arm is. Mine is a 28 inch. But yours could be longer or shorter. Just take a ruler and measure your arm from your under your arm to about half an inch past your fingertips. The average though is usually about a 24-26 inch! Miss.Twirler

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The average number of days in the cycle is 28 days. Some women have longer or shorter so it depends on the woman. Mine was always between 35-38 days and birth control pills helped me manage the cycle to a 28 day.

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There were four different species of Stegosaurus. The largest was Stegosaurus armatus, which grew to be 30 feet long. Stegosaurus longispinus and Stegosaurus stenops were both smaller, growing to be about 23 feet long.

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Dog leads have a range of eight to twenty feet depending on the use. Some leads are even shorter, one to two feet, when used for training, and other leads can extend to over one hundred feet if used on a tie down.