What is the average length of time spent in a hospital?

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It has dropped over the years and that trend continues. In today's US society it is less then 72 hours. About six hours of that time is spent checking your insurance documents, medical history and finding you a bed. Even worse, it seems that the check-out time requires a minimum of six hours from the Doctor's Release to the front door.
  • Check In and Check Out for 12 hours.
  • Tests and waiting on a gurney in the hallway for 12 hours.
  • Sleep, interupted periodically for meds and tests for 12 hours.
  • Treatment and surgery no more then two hours.
  • Dining on Nutritious Hospital cuisine for two hours.
  • Post-operative treatment and therapy for two hours.
  • Noise, confusion, chaos and boredom for 30 hours, and finally home.
And try that in a Veterans Hospital Facility and you can expect less care, comfort and concern, (not for lack of trying, but for a lack of staff to patient ratio), increased beuracrcy and a ten fold increase in chaos an confusion. The US continues to have the finest, most poorly served and most expensive medical system on earth. It works for the wealthy, exploits the middle class and restricts the poor from basic health care.
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