What is the average lifespan of a condominium?

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New owners gut and redecorate condominiums whenever they want.

The key to any building's life-span is geography coupled with maintenance. There is no standard.

A well-maintained condominium structure can have the same lifespan of other well-maintained buildings in the geography.

If the structure is not maintained, then its life-span will be shorter.
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What is the average area of a condominium?

It depends on the geography where the condominium is located. Usually, in high-density urban areas, a condominium is smaller; in suburbs, the units can be larger. Since a unit can be a studio or a penthouse, or a one-, two-, or three-bedroom unit, depending on where it is located in the building, (MORE)

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Average cost to build a condominium?

It depends on where you buy the land, what style you build and the quality of condominium that you build. A local realtor can help you answer this question for your location.

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What is the average price for New York condominiums?

The average price for a New York condominium will depend on how you purchase it. A furnished condominium will be much more expensive than an unfurnished one. They can start as low as under a $1,000 and go up from there.