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What is the average lifetime contribution to social security and what is the average lifetime benefit received?

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46000 contribute, 460,000 benefit
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How much does a human walk in an average lifetime?

In a lifetime, around the world twice! So that's around 25512 Km! Around the world twice is correct but the circumference of the world is 40,075.16 km so it would be a total

How much will the average American make it their lifetime?

  Over a lifetime, high school grads average $1.2 million; with a bachelor's degree, $2.1 million; a master's degree, $2.5 million.

What is the average lifetime for a human?

The overall world average for life expectancy in 2014 is 71 years -  68.5 for males and 73.5 for females. A human's life expectancy can  vary wildly based on their heritage,

What is the average car's lifetime mileage?

%REPLIES%    Answer   Ive heard of some volvo's Running well past 400,000 but they usually say "high milage" is 75,000 or more. Some may dissagree, but alot of impor

Average time for a person to be angry in their lifetime?

  I don't think there's any one time for anger; it happens from time to time, depending on the situations we face. If we can put any timeframe on it, perhaps as we leave c