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What is the average per square foot cost for bricklaying?

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Everything depends on the state your in. 1.80 per brick avg.

Gotta add to this, even if it is specific to Georgia, as I think our costs are probably 90% of the national average, so add 10% and then adjust for your costs relative to the national average...or something like that :-)

Bricks usually cost me $225 to $450 per thousand. Modular size, which is still the most common in the past 30 years or so, require approximately 7 bricks per square surface foot, 1/2" mortar joint included.

A cube of brick, which is approximately 500 bricks. Two cubes of brick make up a thousand, so $300/thousand brick means $150/cube. If you buy less than a cube, they hit you hard on the price, so round up and besides, running short a few brick sucks.

Mortar, which for larger jobs is usually mixed on site on a 1/2 piece of plywood with cement and sand, usually runs about $100-125/thousand brick. So, total material is about $325-575 which covers 157 sf (1,000 divided by 7 brick per sf). That equates to $2-3/sf, which I find to be way more useful than a per brick price.

I would mention, that this doesn't include any metal angle iron lentels for headers over openings, weep hole material, etc. If you go with $3/sf, but use mid range price brick, it will usually cover these other incidentals, so I at least start most estimates at $3/sf for brick material.

Labor is usually $250-350/thousand for residential and $400-500/thousand for commercial, just depending on job size, job complexity, etc. I usually figure $2/sf for residential and $3/sf for commercial. This doesn't include tool use / rental which is often needed, scaffolding, or any extras, which there are a lot of in brick work. The above basic price is just straight lay brick. If you are doing columns, that's a big adjustment up, and there's a big list of extras.

As a rule, I figure $7/sf for brick when building a home, which translates to $1/brick for modular size and $9/sf for brick on a commercial project, $1.30/brick for modular size.

The by the brick pricing is really useless, as there are queen, king, and various engineered brick sizes, and it gets really wild on commercial. The per sf price however, generally works out into all the sizes, as a larger brick that only requires 5/sf will cost proportionately more.

Most of you reading this will be wanting brick on your home, so figure $7/sf. If you are hiring a builder or GC, they'll likely tack 15-20% on top of that for managing the job.

If you have a bunch of columns for a fence or such, it usually adds $100-300/column depending on size as leveling and plumbing each separate column is way more time and work than running a straight wall against your house, so be ready for the big price tag on that fence :-)
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