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What is the average shot percentage for a 2 point shot in basketball?

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it is about 35 percent
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What is the shot percentage of making a 3-point shot?

  There is no set probability for every 3-point shot. Every player has their own 3-point percentage, which is simply the number of 3-point shots made divided by the numb

What is a 'three-point' shot in basketball?

  Answer     Outside of the "key", but in the same half of the court, there is another line, roughly in the shape of a half circle. Shots made from outside of th

What is considered a good shot percentage in basketball?

A good shot percentage is different for each position. Point Guard: The average point guard shoots 40%. A point guard that shoots a good percentage will be around 43%. An exc

What is the highest percentage shot in the game of basketball?

either a dunk or a lay- up is well what you may think, but a  "lay-in" would be the HIGHEST percentage shot.   PROOF: Imagine you would win a million dollars to make a sh
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Where is a 1 point shot made in basketball?

From the free-throw line, after a player has drawn a foul while attempting a shot on the basket. Depending on where they attempted their shot from, they will take 2 or 3 shots