What is the average weight of a snowmobile?

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The 'average' weight of new snowmobiles is around 450 pounds (204.5 kg), with older snowmobiles (before about 2004) averaging around 500 pounds (227 kg) - although weights can range from just over 300 pounds for an old, low power machine to 700 pounds for a 'sport-utility' sled.
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What is a weighted average?

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What are the Average miles a snowmobile is driven per season?

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What is the weight of a Yamaha bravo 250 snowmobile?

DIMENSIONS. LENGTH . 115.9". HEIGHT . 44.1". WIDTH . 37.4". WEIGHT . 406 lbs.. 2010 Yamaha Bravo LT In the early 80's the short track was available and had a weight
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How much does a Polaris snowmobile cover cost on average?

The price range for a Polaris snowmobile cover tend to vary depending on the quality that you are looking for. There are some covers that average around $70 but have found ot
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What is the average price for Yamaha snowmobile?

The prices range from anywhere between $3,000 to over $20,000. The average would be around $12,000. It would be hard to determine the average price considering it varies a rat