What is the average yearly cost of cancer treatment?

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No one but your doctor or insurance company can answer this precisely. It really depends on the type of Cancer and treatment that will be received. My personal experience included 3 surgeries, 10 months of Chemotherapy, 2 months of Radiation, 3 PET Scans, and more medications, CT Scans and Xrays than I care to count. I had good insurance so didn't pay alot out of pocket. If I had not had insurance, the cost would have been well over $300,000.00 for everything. Not to mention followup care for the next 5 years which includes regular PETs, CTs, Xrays and blood tests.
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What is the treatment for cancer?

Your doctor will discuss with you the course of action to take after diagnosing the type of cancer you have, the stage of progression, and other factors. These days, cyberknife treatment, an advanced technology which delivers concentrated beams of focused radiation on cancer cells, is one of the bes (MORE)

Is there a treatment for cancer?

yes, there is --if diagnosed much earlier in life. Currently some researchers in university of alberta have found some light - DCA treatment .

How much does a cancer treatment cost?

The cost of cancer treatment varies with the kind of cancer and how early or late in its development the treatment begins. It is not possible to estimate costs in the absence of more specific information.

What is the average cost for cancer treatment per year?

Total Cost: $219.2 billion. Direct Medical Costs: $ 89.0 billion (total of all health expenditures). Indirect Morbidity Costs: $ 18.2 billion (cost of lost productivity due to illness). Indirect Mortality Costs: $112.0 billion (cost of lost productivity due to premature death)

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What is the yearly average income for an oncologist?

The average yearly income for an oncologist in the United States isbetween $102,154 and $413,932. Income is based upon location andexperience. An oncologist is a doctor that specializes in treatingpatients with cancer.

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What is treatment of cancer?

Chemotherapy treatment, radiotherapy treatment, and breast cancer surgery are the most commontypes of treatments that battle multiple forms of cancer. India hasthe best Cancer Treatment.

My dog has cancer. what is the cost of cancer treatment in dogs?

There are many different treatments for cancer in dogs and itreally depends on what type of cancer it has. If it is lymphoma(the most common type of cancer in dogs) depending on whichtreatment your veterinary oncologist recommends it could beanywhere. If your dog has bone cancer surgery is usually c (MORE)

Average yearly income in Thailand?

The average income for the average Thai person is around 10 000Baht\mth for a full time job, girls working inn bars, maybe average around 40 000baht\mth.

Carpenter average yearly salary?

The average yearly salary for a carpenter is around $30,000. Theirincome is based largely on the number of jobs they complete andtheir experience level.

What is Japan's average yearly temperature?

The weather in Japan can be different depending o the season andthe part you are visiting. June and July are rainy seasons, Julyand August are humid periods, the weather is mild and flights arecheap in the Fall, the winter months are cold and snowy.

What is a treatment for cancer?

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are just three of manyways for possible treatment for cancers. answer Certain factors will determine which treatment will provide optimalresults, including what type of cancer tumor, what organs ortissues are affected, as well as what stage of cancer is (MORE)

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What is the average cost for a cluster headache treatment?

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How to get cancer treatment?

Depending on the cancer types discovered, physicians will determinewhich options or alternative cancer treatments are best in everysituation. In some cases, a patient may have a choice of proceduresor treatments, while other times, they will not. There are somecases wherebest Cancer Treatment is ach (MORE)

What is the average time limit for treatment after diagnosis for breast cancer?

This depends on the type and stage of the breastcancer and the age of the patient. Treatments vary. Lets say mastectomy surgery, chemo and radiation , it will take at least one year. Chemo is given in cycles 4-6 month, radiation is given daily 5 days a week 34-38 treatments. Sometimes for a longer p (MORE)

What is the average yearly salary for a physiotherapist?

around $50-90k Canadian. You need a 3 year Degree to get into Physiotherapy, and some experience in the field to get to the higher wage bracket. A fair salary is around $35CAD an hour. It entirely depends on where you are located however. In England, for example the salaries are a lot lower. In Cana (MORE)

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What is the average cost for one month of inpatient alcohol addiction treatment?

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What is the average cost of Frontline flea treatment for cats?

The cost of Frontline flea treatments vary across states, but the prices listed on Petco's website include $49.99 for a 3-month supply, $89.99 for a 6-month supply, and $164.99 for a 12-month supply, which is labeled as the best deal due to bulk-buying.

What is the average yearly cost to rent a home in America?

The yearly cost to rent a home in America varies greatly depending on the location and type of home that one is looking to rent. However, the average cost to rent a home is approximately 2,500 dollars per month, or $30,000 per year.