What is the background of a candle?

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wax poured into a special glass
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What is a candle?

Answer . A candle is a device for providing light or dispersing fragrance.. The body of a candle is comprised of a solid fuel source, usually paraffin wax. A wick runs thr

What is background?

Answer . Background can refer to the backdrop of a computer, a backdrop in general, and one's experiences in life.. something happening near you but doesn`t involve you.

What is in a candle?

A candle is made up of paraffin wax, stearic acid and a wick. If we take 10 spoons of wax we should put one spoon of stearic acid and insert a suitable wick according to the

What is in candles?

Depends on what type of Candle wax that is used, Such as Soy wax, Palm Wax, Paraffin, or Beeswax. It's the wax you prefer to use, then it's the Fragrance oil that's used to sc

Why do you have candles?

Candles are good for many uses. One person might want them because they smell good and they decorate a room nicely. Another person might want a candle just in case the electri
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What is the candle that lights a baptismal candle?

The Paschal Candle which is the candle prepared and lit at the Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday. It is also the candle that burns at the head of a casket during a Catholic funeral.
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What did candle makers make candles out of?

Many different materials have been used over the years: . beeswax, the wax honeybees make honeycomb from . dried candlefish, a type of smelt common off the americannorthwes