What is the beast's name in Beauty and the Beast?

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According to the FAQ on Disney's official website, the Beast does not have a name. (Some fans and sites have erroneously claimed that "The Disney Encyclopedia" calls him Adam, but that is not true. "The Disney Encyclopedia" does not mention any name for Beast at all.) ----

I found the answer. Beast real name is really Adam. Here is the website http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Beast_(Beauty_and_the_Beast). :))
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Does the beast on Beauty and the Beast have a name?

In the movie, the beasts name never actually gets mentioned. However, the staff and fans from America have said that his name is 'Victor' but this is not official. A x . On t

Who is the beast name in Beauty and the Beast?

In the Disney version I'm pretty sure it was Adam. actually if you watch the movie they don't give him a name. belle calls him Beast, the objects call him Master, and when
In Beauty and the Beast

Who is the Beast's closest friend after Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast?

According the the midquel' The Enchanted christmas, a pipe organ called Forte was shown to be the Beast's closest friends. He later turned out to be an enemy though. If you're