What is the best brand for 55 inch LCD TVs?

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I would say maybe a 55' VIZIO E550VL 1080P (fullHD). Its has high definition. Top of the line features. It has 3 HDMI ports,a digital ambient light, 1020 Hz, and 100,000:1 ration to deliver a crystal clear picture. It also has advanced sound technology to give you the movie theater feeling. This is a perfect choice if your looking for good quality for a price that won't break your pockets.
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What is the best brand of 42 inch lcd tv?

Answer Sharp aquos baby!!!!! skeen im only joking its samsung series4 ----There are several features of performance that you need to take into account when choosing a 'best'

Which is the best 32 inch LCD TV?

The Sony Bravia KDL-32V5810U , the LG 32SL8000 and the Samsung Crystal UE32B6000VWXXU are considered to be among the best 32" LCD panels on the market, although they are

Which is the best brand for buying 32 inches LCD TV?

First, you need to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend. If you're in the expensive range (800-1500) then Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and Panasonic are the TVs you wo

What the best LCD TV brand?

Sony seems to always be on the cutting edge of LCD TV technology. However Sharp has one of the better displays.

What is the best brand of LCD TVs?

I hear that the LGs are the best bang for your buck. I was looking at buying a new TV a while ago and while doing research I heard that the Samsung emitted an annoying buzzing

Which brand has the better 37 inch LCD TVs?

According to consumer ratings Panasonic, Olevia ,Vizio, Toshiba and Samsung all have excellent consumer ratings. Panasomic rated the highest among consumers with 5 out of 5 st

What is the general cost of a 55 inch LCD TV?

There is great variation in price for LCD TVs. A cheap model found on sale may be as cheap as 700 dollars or so while expensive 55 in LCD TVs may cost 3000 dollars or more. Th

Where can you buy high quality 55 inch LCD TVs?

You can buy a 55 inch lcd almost anywhere these days. Most local department stores, will sell these. If you are uncertain of which store would have it you could also look up l

How much do 55 inch LCD TVs weigh?

I guess it depends on the model and the brand name. SANYO for example is 30.4kg without the stand, Samsung is around 72 pounds with the stand. I guess the average is 30 or 35

What is the best 60 inch lcd tv?

There are as many answers to this question as there are 60" televisions. It is safe to say that there is no such thing as a bad 60" television but there are models that will s
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Which companies sell 55 inch LCD TVs?

Companies that sell 55 inch LCD TV's include stores such as Target and Best Buy. You can also purchase these TV's from retailers such as Amazon and Overstock.
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Which brand makes the best 32 inch LCD TV?

The answer to this question depends on consumer preference, but some of the highest rated 32 inch LCD TVs come from Vizio, Toshiba, Samsung, and Sony.
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What is the cost for a 55 inch LCD TV?

Different companies offer 55-inch LCD TVs for differing prices. A Samsung 55-inch LCD TV costs GBP1119.99 from Argos; on the other hand, a higher-end LCD TV can cost as much a