What is the best brand for dslr camera?

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Just stick with the top two brands canon and nikon.
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Best filter for dslr cameras?

Really broad question... what kind of filter? What are you going to use it for? The most commonly used type of filter on a dslr is a polarizing filter. This is the equivale

What is the best dslr camera?

Canon eos 5d mark II is good for great photos and decent Video. Especially with the full frame sensor depth of field. For the best quality Video you want the Panasonic GH2,

Is canon the best camera brand?

Lots of people argue that Canon is the best camera brand out there,others argue that Nikon is better. You could say that Canon is the most trusted brand, you could alsosay thi

Does Best Buy sell dslr cameras?

Yes, they certainly do! Best Buy deals in digital SLR cameras in brands like Sony and Canon. They also sell additional equipment to go with the DSLR cameras, like tripod, addi

What is the best dslr camera money can buy?

One of the best dslr camera money can buy is the Nixon D3S. It cost around $3500 but has 720 p video and has a high dept pictures, that come out really clear and sharp.
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What brands of lenses will fit on Olympus DSLR cameras?

If you want to use a different lens on your Olympus camera you will have to use something to mount it with. You will not get the same results from different lenses.
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What are some popular brands of dslr cameras?

Popular brands of DSLR cameras include Nikon and Canon, which sell cameras under various different trade names. The trade names include Canon's EOS Rebel and Nikon's D7000.
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What sorts of shots is a DSLR camera best suited for?

If you are interested in what sort of shots is best for the DSLR camera, the answer is any and all. This camera was made specifically to provide top notch shots in any situati
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What manufacturers make the best dslr cameras for amateur use?

In my opinion the best DSLR camera for a beginner would be the Canon Rebel T3i. It has a swing out LCD screen, Built-In wireless flash control and several filter modes. The ca