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Everyone has different needs and so there is no best central vacuum system, only what is best for you. There are three basic types of central vacuum systems.
  • The first is a true cyclonic system. In a true cyclonic system the motor produces a tornado type circulation within the dirt can. The dirt enters the dirt can and circulates. Because of gravity, all heavy particles fall to the bottom of the dirt can and anything light enough to stay suspended in the air is caught in the air stream and vented outside, much like a clothes dryer vent. True cyclonics never lose power as the can fills with dirt, but they must be vented outside. In a true cyclonic unit the dirt can must be emptied so if the individual responsible for emptying the dirt can has severe asthma or dust allergies, I would not recommend a true cyclonic unit.
  • The second type of system is a bagged system. In this system the dirt is collected in a paper bag that fills up and is thrown away. The main disadvantage is that the unit can lose power as the bag fills. The advantage is this system does not require outside venting. This is the type of system to buy if the person emptying the dirt has severe asthma or allergies. I would recommend a paper bag unit in which the paper bag is sealed with a single opening rather than a paper bag that is entirely open on the top. The open bags are messy
  • The third type of system is an inverted filter system. In this system the dirt collects in a dirt can. There is a weighted fabric filter that hangs down into the dirt can. When the motor turns on the filter is pulled up and when the unit is shut off the weight causes it to fall and shake off some of the dust that has collected. Many manufacturers are using filters made of a new fabric and they are superior to the older inverted filters. The main advantage of this system is that there are no paper bags to buy and it does not require outside venting. Even though manufacturers don't require outside venting, if it is possible, it is always a good idea to prevent your unit from becoming smelly (like the dirt you pick-up). An inverted bag system also has a dirt can that needs to be emptied so this may not be a good choice of the person responsible for emptying the can has severe asthma or dust allergies.
  • When looking for the best central vacuum system, be sure to consider the motor. Lamb Ametek has been the leader in central vacuum motors for over 40 years. Their 7.2" motor is the premier motor in the industry and many units are double motors, which means they have two of the 7.2" motors. There are some new motors being used, just beware. Some are made in China and some, being touted as German motors, are actually made in eastern European countries. For reliability and longevity stick with a central vacuum that has a Lamb Ametek motor. Lamb has a proven track record.
  • Finally, look at the manufacturer's specs and compare Air Watts. Air Watts is a combination of inches of water lift and cubic feet per minute air flow. Most web sites offer comparison tools that will allow you to choose the size home you have and recommend specific power units based on the square footage of your home.

So now, what is the best central vacuum? When you consider the above information...there are many great brands, equal in almost every way. You may want to consider VacuMaid or Imperium central vacuum systems. They are the only brands that offer all three types of central vacuum systems so you can compare and get the system that is best for you.

Go with Vacuflo - LEED certified and great for asthma and alllergy sufferers. Real lifetime warranty
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What is the best vacuum to use in my pool?

it depends. Do you have an inground pool, or above ground? Do you have lots of time to do it?? Automatic or manual?? what is your price range?? this is 14jules911, leave a question on my message board, so i can suggest a good vacuum for u.

What is a central vacuum system?

Answer . The main vacuum unit is usually located in the basement with tubes running throughout the house. The tubes run to each room and have a hinged cover. You insert the hose in the tube and the vacuum unit automatically turns on and you can suck up the dust. All you have to move is the hose a (MORE)

How do you clear a clogged outlet for a central vacuum?

All of these ideas are good. But,before you start this process, check to be sure that all of youroutlets are sealed. Once of ours had been accidentally propped openby a pillow, causing the suction to be severely reduced. It was avery easy fix, but a waste of an hour for me for not checking itfirst. (MORE)

How do you clear a clogged pipe for a central vacuum?

1. You will have to unclog your system with another vacuum. Disconnect your central vac dirt canister. Go to each inlet, insert the hose end of another vacuum into the opening at each inlet. (You may have to wrap duct tape around the hose end to insure a snug fit) . 2. Once you have unclogged your (MORE)

How do you pull a vacuum on AC system?

Using a set of a/c gauges put the blue hose on the low side (suction side) and the red hose on the high side (discharge side) and make sure that there is no freon in the system and if you have freon in the system then you will have to go to an automotive a/c shop and have them reclaim it for you.. (MORE)

How can check that vacuum system is healthy or not?

YOU can get a shop manual find the diagram and trace your vacuum lines accordingly. make sure no lines are loose or cracked. if it is cold of morning, you may hear a leak. it is a high pitch whistle or whine. some old timers use starting fluid or wd40 and spray around suspected leak areas. if the en (MORE)

What is the best vacuum for the money?

Frugal5.com did a write up on exactly this, they claim that the Ovente Cyclonic ST2000 is the best for the money. The price is only about $50 and you get a canister vacuum that is light, powerful (12 amp), bagless, HEPA filter and retractable cord.

How does a car vacuum system work?

Vacuum is created buy the pistons going to the bottom of the stroke and drawing air and fuel into cylinder. there is vacuum lines (rubber tubing) that goes to a canister which stores a vacuum for various systems to use without taking away from engine operation... your friendly neighbor hood Master G (MORE)

What is the solar systems vacuum cleaner?

I presume this refers to the way that small, meteoroid-sized objects are swept from the solar system. Any object in orbit around the sun is "flying" through the light emitted by the sun, and because of orbiting object's motion, the light shines slightly stronger its front side. This is called "stell (MORE)

Is the Central Vacuum portable?

A central vacuum is used by hooking up a hose to ports in the wall, so no it is not portable. Depending on how many ports you have and how long your hose is limits the range in which you can reach.

How convenient is the central vacuum to use?

Central vacuum systems can be used conveniently in newer and older homes. They are said to provide a dust free environment and can help recycle the air since they can continually run and turn your home in to a completely vacuuming system without having to pull out a portable unit all the time.

What are the benefits of a central vacuum?

The benefits of central vac is that you do not have to lug an upright or other models of vacuum cleaners up & down flights of stairs. The central vac can have a hole on each level of your home where the hose is inserted rather than lugging the vacuum cleaner up & down.

What are some central vacuum systems?

Cyclonic and filtered are the two main central vacuum systems. Filtered systems use filters to clean the air that the vacuum takes in, while cyclonic systems uses centrifugal force and gravity to separate the dirt from the air and deposits it into a canister.

Are central vacuum systems electrical?

Central vacuum systems are run by electricity. They were popular in the more 'elite' homes in the seventies and over the years have phased out. It is very rare to find a new home with a central vacuum.

What is the best vacuum clean to buy?

There really is no 'best' vaccum cleaner. You should be looking for one to suit your needs. If you have a small appartment, you probably won't need a giant shop vac. Conversely, if you live in a large house, you probably will want a larger vaccum. And carpets or bare floor are considerations as well (MORE)

How can you unclog a central vacuum system?

1 Empty the dirt canister or receptacle that is located on the bottom of the unit. Unhook the latches and pull the bottom off. Empty the trash into a trash can. Look inside the receptacle at the filter. It if is brown or full of debris , replace it. Put the canister back on the unit and hook the (MORE)

What is the best household vacuum cleaner?

The best household vacuum cleaner all depends on the consumers needs. If you have asthma or allergies then a vacuum with optimum filtration such as a Miele canister or upright vacuum would be what would be recommended. Miele vacuums offer one of the most effective and hygienic methods of removing pa (MORE)

Why is vacuum the best insulator?

In order for heat to be conducted, there have to be collisions between atoms or molecules, in which energy is transferred from a faster moving particle to a slower moving particle. In a vacuum there are no particles, hence, no particle collisions and no heat conduction.

What are central vacuum systems?

Central vacuum systems are vacuum's that clean the dust or whatever you suck up into your vacuum. It basically cleans the things you pick up with the vacuum and stores it into the vacuum bag better. Central vacuum systems also help your overall vacuuming experience by making it faster and easier.

Where can one buy central vacuum bags?

Central vacuum bags are available for purchase from a large number of retailers. The store where the vacuum was originally purchased, the manufacturer or from online retailers such as Amazon.

Where can one buy a Nutone Central vacuum?

Someone wanting to purchase a Nutone Central Vacuum could do so at many retail stores. The Home Depot and Lowes are two good stores that sell Nutone Central Vacuums.

How does a central vacuum system work?

Central vacuum systems are designed to remove dirt and debris from home and buildings. They send the dirt particles through tubing inside the walls to a collection container in a remote utility space.

How does a central vacuum system differ from a free standing vacuum?

A central vacuum is typically a very large canister that is installed in ones basement or garage that is hooked up to internal hoses throughout the house. When one is ready to vacuum, you need only to hook up a hose and head to the internal vaccuum system as opposed to a free standing vaccuum that i (MORE)

What is meant by a central vacuum cleaner?

A central vacuum cleaner is unique from standard vacuums in that it is plugged into a specific location and remains there its entire life. Attachments like hoses are connected and used to clean dirt and other debris from the home.

Where are the central vacuum cleaners located?

A central vacuum cleaner is a built in vacuum cleaner that is installed into a home or other building. Inlets are installed in each room which allow one to connect tools to the central vacuum to clean the house.

What does the Central Vacuum Motor offer?

Central Vacuum motors are what powers one's central vacuum system and there are a variety of motors available to handle different kinds of jobs. These motors run at speeds of between 20,000 and 35,000 RPM's for high performance. These motors also offer motor carbon brushes and fans that are referr (MORE)

What does a central vacuum unit do?

A Central Vacuum unit provides a more efficient way to vacuum your house conveniently. It removes the trouble of having to move the standard vacuum unit from room to room.

What do central vacuum systems do?

A central vacuum system eliminates the need to use a cumbersome upright, canister or bagless vacuum. Central vacuums are designed to suck dirt and debris through a hose located in the walls and collect it in an out of the way canister.

Where can one find central vacuum attachments?

One can find central vacuum attachments at a home improvement store or at the manufacturer homepage. Depending on how common the manufacturer it might be easiest for one to contact them directly.

Where can one obtain central vacuum cleaning systems?

Central Vacuum Cleaning systems are a nice addition to large homes. They allow one to clean their floors more easily and efficiently. Two companies that sell central vacuum cleaning systems are Central Vacuum Stores and Crucial Vacuum & Air.