What is the best color eyeshadow to use with brown greenish eyes?

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eyeshadow for green or blue shaded eyes I would say a copper brown tone on the whole lid with maybe a darker brown in the crease.. My eyes are green and sometimes green/brown or green/blue or just blue any shade of brown makes these colors pop in eyes.   Great question! We all want a little sparkle and color to compliment our eyes, but greenish brown is a difficult color to compliment sometimes! I would suggest if you wanna play up the green, a soft green is the best way to go! A light, pear green is good for a soft day color. A darker, forest green would look great and mysterious! Also, purples look good on brownish green eyes. A plum purple is a great color! If I were you, I would check out the Bring It Out collection by Almay! If you have greenish brown eyes, choose either the Bring Out The Green or Bring Out The Brown collection. Either is sure to compliment you pretty eyes!
I have green/brown eyes and find that plum,purple and pink colours really bring out the green, while blues really made them look browner.   Plum purple or green would work really well you could use those as eyeliner colours too
i have brown/green eyes and i find brown doesnt look any good at all. Blue, green and purple looks good depending on your skin colour. Pink doesnt look any good either.  answer: you shouldn't use really any eyeshadow that are in the same colours as your eyes as it can make them look smaller, but good colours would be pinks, peaches, golds and purples also cream colours. these all make your eyes stand out and will bring out the colour of your eyes.  answer: like a russett brown is really good for brown/ green eyes. Metallic khaki colours also look really good, but not if you put on too much, you don't want to look strange
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