What is the best computer software repair?

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This is a difficult question because there are a multitude of things that can cause a computer problems. The best plan of attack for me is to install a good antivirus such as Kaspersky or Avira (free). Make sure to have it installed and up to date at all times. When you feel you have a virus, run in safe mode and run a virus scan.
The next item to use is a good spyware remover. I use Malware which is free and works great.
If you still have problems with your computer or it seems to run slow, it is a good idea to use a registry repair program. Do a google search for the best registry repair program and get one that fits your budget.
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What is the best software for protecting your computer from Internet viruses and Trojan horses?

I have worked in the computer and internet security field for more than 8 years now, and I get asked this same question alot. Since 2001 my answer has always been the same. Get Norton Internet Security by Symantec, it is by far the best there is. If you know some one who is cash poor and needs a FRE (MORE)

What is the best type of software for child-proofing your computer?

Answer . \nKeeping a child off? or limit the abilities of the child? if this is the case than go to the control panel and then to users and setup an account for the child that is a limited user NOT ADMINISTRATOR. this should keep the child from making major changes to the machine. \n. \nIf you (MORE)

What is a computer software?

Answer . \nsoftware is a set of instructions(Program) to which hardware of computer respond.\nMany Softwares have been designed to help the computer to communicate to the user.Operating System (Software) is an interface which helps the computer to interact with the user.

How to transfer software from computer to computer?

Simply, use a USB portal. Copy the info u want to transfer from the 1st PC and paste then in the USB. Then plug the USB again in the 2nd PC and Copy the info from the USB then paste them into the 2nd PC !

Who provides the best antivirus software - McAfee or Norton or Computer Associates?

norton updates every 5-15 mins has really good detection rates. mcafee updates every day good detection rates. ca updates every day poor detection rates. norton is the better one out of the three but prevx is better. Answer . Just buy them with cheap price and test them by yourself. Kasper (MORE)

What is the best software for composing a software?

I think the term of composing a software is wrong.The correct is developing a software . There is no best software for developing software. It's highly related to what software you are interested to develop. Maybe you mean to develop a software? It's up to what you plan to develop exactly. Just try (MORE)

How do you repair computer?

Computers that don't work may only need maintenance. But first,shut down the computer. Unplug it and then dust around the CPU.Plug in the computer again and start it up. If the computer isstill running slow, run the disk clean up (Accessories>SystemTools>) If there is an error message, you can googl (MORE)

What is the best software to remove viruses from your computer?

Well the answer to this question is simple. You have two types of software out there, Business, and regular consumer software. The consumer software like Norton 360, McAfee, and AVG offer little protection even if you have a paid subscription. I went to a clients house the other day and did a scan, (MORE)

Is a Mac the best of computer used for anime creation and what software is best to make anime?

It takes teams of artists to make anime shows and movies. First of all you need to practice drawing,digital or traditional.First is the manga.You can draw tradtional using Japanese Markers and draw the story(like a comic)and then scan it.The plot needs to be logical and interesting for the readers (MORE)

What is software on the computer?

software is like the name says for of soft, not really. its a addition to your computer. it allows you to to other things that were not installed in the original operating system.

The software that tells your computer how to be a computer is?

The Operating System provides a shell for the Computer. The software to run the computer, which relies on the operating system, is called the Kernel which is on the Motherboard. Refer to Google for inquiries about the Kernel, the Motherboard, and other various features of a computer.

Who is the best crowd to get computer repairs done by in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas?

SuperGeek is at $99.00/hour and $24.75/15 mins. And their call centre is open 8am till 6pm Mon-Fri & 8am till 5pm Saturday. Geeks 2 U is also at $99.00/hour and they have a $69 callout fee. "On Call 7 Days - that's weekdays, evenings and weekends!" says in their website but what exactly their ope (MORE)

Who has the best computer virus software?

The best answer is to go to Consumer Reports Magazine and look up the answer. They did a recent look and comparison of the various anti virus software. There are many excellent anti virus, but, no system is perfect. There are some very good anti virus software that is free. You might also go to CNET (MORE)

How can you install computer software in a computer?

This is a very simple procedure. All you have to do is to locate the setup file and follow the instructions. 1) First of all, you got to find the setup file. Set file is an executable file with extension ' .exe ' If it was a downloaded zipped or rar file, unzip/unrar it. Most of the software dis (MORE)

Who repairs computers?

Many different people, many different groups, businesses. Computer repair techs, support technician. hobbyists. Businesses include...well a lot. Staples, CompuSmart, are just two and there are thousands of small businesses that repair computer too. As well as the manufacturer.

What is computer software?

Computer software is made of the instructions that tell thecomputer hardware how to do something useful that people need done.Computer hardware is the physical objects (e.g. electronic,optical, mechanical) that make up the machinery and mechanism ofthe computer.

What are softwares in computer?

The guy who posted this had no idea what he/she was talkingabout:"I believe it is just like ahuman brain , it responds to anexternal impulse by pushing a few buttons on your keyboard." Software is really a collective noun for all the applications on acomputer. An application would be considered a pi (MORE)

Who is the best computer repair company in fort lauderdale?

My daughter and I were very impressed and comfortable with Dave (Kompufix's Technician) when he came to our office to help us with our computer network issues. My daughter had tons of questions and Dave answered them all. He was able to pin point the slow connectivity issue on our network, set up a (MORE)

Does credit repair software really work?

Any software works as far a installing it onto your computer. It will let you see your scores and credit history. You can target the ones that you want to dispute and submit it.

How much is credit repair software?

As with many things credit repair software pricing depends on many factors. These factors include the year of the software and the company. Software can start at around $20 and can go up to $600 for businesses. Most are less then $50.00.

What is the best online computer repair?

Online PC service is very essential as it enables system repair tobe performed any time even while at home. As far as I know, thebest online PC repair service is provided by GeekBuddy. GeekBuddyfrom comodo, is a free online problem diagnosis service and itprovides 24*7 service, where any kind of sys (MORE)

How much does Windows repair software cost?

Windows repair software can be found free, sometimes, if you search hard enough on the internet, but there is no guarantee of quality or if the product found is even legitimate. Professional windows repair software can be found in the price range of usually between fifty to seventy five dollars.

What type of computer software is best for desktops?

This is a tricky question because computer software is designed to run programs and a person will purchase a specific type of software in order to fulfill his or her needs. Some of the most common software is designed either for an Apple/Mac computer or a Windows computer. People that use software f (MORE)

Where might learn about computer software repair?

The best place to learn about computer software repair would be at a college or university. Those that don't want to go back to school in order to learn this could possibly shadow someone who does this kind of work for a living.

What is the best computer auditing software?

The best computer auditing software is E-Z Audit PC. This software is highly rated and is the best computer auditing software in the world, according to a big number of reviews.

What is the best computer networking security software?

Comodo is one of the industry's leading brands that provides enterprise grade computer networking security software for business and enterprises wanting to secure their computers and defend them from attacks from hackers.

What is the best software for cleaning a computer?

The best software for cleaning the computer registry is CCLeaner. Some others are JetClean, Wise REgistry Cleaner, Auslogistics Registry Cleaner, Advanced SystemCare Free, and AML Free Registry Cleaner. Most charge a yearly subscription to use.

What is the best software for recording and making music from my laptop Do you recommend certain computers for it?

If you have win 7 it's very easy: Just click 'start' and in searchtype 'sound recorder.' This will render a basic recording using thelaptop mic or whatever is plugged in to the mic jack. I recommendusing a program like Audacity or Goldwave to edit and pan whateveryou recorded this way. If you are l (MORE)