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What is the best game online where you can have a virtual world with people or avatars like in sims?

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Virtual worlds life games online or download?

Well if you have a facebook account you can go to the app called The sims social which is a vitual life game. But if you don't have one you can try out any of these: 1. Puzzl

What is a good avatar online game?

Avatar Legend of the Arena this is a cool game but it has crappygraphics

What are some great online avatar games?

There are so many great games but here are some I know... And it depends who likes what games... so here is the list: -fantage -habbo -guffin (creates virus dont downloa

Is there a game online like the sims?

Actually there is a new game you can play online WITHOUT DOWNLOADING coming to Facebook called "The Sims Social." Play with others instead of being lonely playing the regular

Is there a online sims online game?

After closing of The Sims Online, and the upcoming of Social Media,  EA Games decided to develop a Facebook app for The Sims. It is  called The Sims Social, and can be found

What is the best virtual villagers game?

At first I thought 3 was the best but when 4 was released I liked it better. When 5 is released, (you can check out the vv4 website to see its status) it's probably gonna be b

Virtual family games online?

Try Shockwave they have a free trail of Virtual Families if you want the full version though you are going to have to buy it.
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What is the best online 3D virtual horse game ever?

Well the online gaming experience has most definitely improved and horse games are no exception. Just the way entertainment through movies and television is transcending to a

What are some free online browser based virtual world games?

planetcamzo.com clubpenguin.com woozworld.com neopets.com bearville.com monsterhigh.com smallworlds.com gaia.com there is some and if anyone can think of anymo

What is the best virtual wolf world online?

Wolf Quest comes highly recommended. It's not online and needs downloading but its SO worth the download. It's amazing and free! You start out as a wolf, find a mate, learn