What is the best game online where you can have a virtual world with people or avatars like in sims?

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Online games like sims?

Unfourtunatley there is no such thing as Sims Online because The Sims requires a download and in order to download it you'd have to purchase it from a store because it also re

What is the best online virtual game?

hi, well from experience in searching for a fun virtual online game, i figured my top three favourites. 1. Second Life, THE BEST ONLINE VIRTUAL GAME, takes a while to load but

Is there an online game like the sims?

there are many online games like the Sims. these games are referred to as rpg's. or role playing games. some of my favorites are Runescape, Free Realms, and Warcraft 3. there

What are the best online virtual games?

that is a good question my fav are club penguin moshi monsters there are sites were you can have numerous games these sites are one more level gogirlgames there are nume

What is the best virtual world online?

DIZZYWOOD.COM, ANIMALJAM.COM,u can b a wolf o that one, AND FACEBOOK.com is good if ur parents will let u have an acount on it. Dizzy wood stinks my favorite and many others f

What online games are there like sims?

Well there is Runescape.com (You can battle people,chat and build your own world!) ClubPenguin.com (you can pick a colour of your penguin and you can become a ninja,to by

What are the best free virtual worlds online games?

second life if you want a 3d world where you can talk through the microphone on your computer and chat in the chat box to other online players (needs to be downloaded to be pl