What is the best hitters park in the MLB?

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Ameriquest Field (Texas Rangers) and Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies). It was Coors Field, home of the Rockies, in Colorado, where the air is thin and the ball carries, until the humidor was installed, which help to make the balls slightly heavier. Wrong!!! CBP gets a bum rap as a hitter's park. Although the Cubs are the only team to score more runs than the Phillies in the NL, CBP @1.029 is ranked 15th in ESPN's "Park Factors" for 2008. Only Angel Stadium @1.07 (#16) and Cleveland's Progressive Field @ 0.995 (#17) could be consisdered more fair to both hitters and pitchers. Below are the rankings of "hitter's parks", home teams and their rankings in runs scored. 1. Rangers Ballpark (Texas Rangers #1-AL) 1.142 2. Chase Field (Arizona D'backs #10-NL) 1.135 3. Coors Field (Colorado Rockies #8-NL ) 1.126 4. U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago White Sox #5-AL) 1.122 5. Fenway Park (Boston, Massachusetts #2-AL) 1.077 6. Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers #4-AL) 1.077 7. Great American (Cincinnati Reds #12-NL) 1.069 8. Wrigley Field (ChicagoCubs #1-NL) 1.068 9. Turner Field (Atlanta Braves #6-NL) 1.063 10. Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles #8-AL) 1.051 11. AT&T Park (San Francisco, California #15-NL) 1.045 12. Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees #7-AL) 1.04 13. Nationals Park (Washington Nationals #14-NL) 1.038 14. Minute Maid Park (Houston Astros #11-NL) 1.036 15. Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies #2-NL) 1.029 16. Angel Stadium (California Angels #10-AL) 1.017 Notice the Texas Rangers, by virtue of playing in the AL with the designated hitter and in the top hitting stadium, not so surprisingly led all MLB teams in runs. While the Phillies finishing in a tie for 2nd in the NL (Where pitchers actually bat) earned their ranking by playing in a ballpark that barely favored hitting over pitching.
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What MLB pitchers have thrown two no-hitters in one season?

Virgil Trucks, Detroit Tigers, 1952 Allie Reynolds, New York Yankees...some time in the 50s Nolan Ryan, California Angels, 1973 Johnny Vander Meer, Cincinnati Reds, 1938 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reynolds threw his tw (MORE)

How many no hitters have been pitched in MLB history?

266 - see related Wikipedia link. there have been alot. With the 162 game schedule and 30 teams in the Major Leagues, there are 2,430 games played per year in the regular season. Since expanding to 30 teams in 1999 through the 2010 season, there have been 26,730 regular season games played. Just (MORE)

Who is the best switch hitter in MLB history?

Garry Templeton. 100 hits from each side in a single season. Depending on your definition of "Best" Gary Templeton had that amazing season but sorry to disappoint you he had to bat right handed a few extra times to reach that and his career avg was only .270, still a great player Pete Rose Mi (MORE)

Who is the best pinch hitter in MLB history?

I won't say he was the best in history but Ed Kranepool of the New York Mets had a five year run as a pinch hitter that was a good as anybody in the game. Between 1974-1978, Kranepool went 57-144 for a pinch hitting batting average of .396.

Who is the best MLB player?

Matt Daley. He has now a miner leage contract with the yankees (only because he is injured but he most likely come back in june). He was a pitcher on the Colorado Rockies but he got traded to the yankees!

Who is the best hitter?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean all time, then trust me, it's LouGehrig I did research on every great hitter and he's the best. If you mean currently, sorry but I'm not sure.

Best MLB team ever?

Year Franchise League W L Percentage Finish . 2005 . Chicago White Sox . AL. 116. 46. .716. Won 2005 World Series . 1902 . Pittsburgh Pirates . NL. 103. 36. .741. National League Champions. 1886 . Chicago White Sox . NL. 96. 28. .726. Won 1886 World Series . 1909 . P (MORE)

What is the best MLB Team Ever?

Year Franchise League W L Percentage Finish . 2005. Chicago White Sox. AL. 116. 46. .716. Won 2005 World Series . 1902 . Pittsburgh Pirates . NL. 103. 36. .741. National League Champions. 1886 . Chicago White S ox. NL. 90. 34. .726. Lost 1886 World Series . 1909 . P (MORE)

Best MLB team?

Year Franchise League W L Percentage Finish . 2005. Chicago White Sox. AL. 116. 46. .716. Won 2005 World Series . 1902 . Pittsburgh Pirates . NL. 103. 36. .741. National League Champions. 1886 . Chicago White S ox. NL. 101. 23. .726. Won 1886 World Series . 1909 . P (MORE)

Who is the best pitcher in the MLB?

The best pitcher in baseball is Tim lincecum or roy halladay top five pitchers 1.lincecum 2.halladay 3.CC Sabathia(New York Yankees) 4.Cliff Lee 5.Brian Wilson (the beard)

Who is the best overall catcher in the MLB?

Well there are actually a couple really good catchers. The best I would say is Victor Martinez of the Boston Redsox with his great power, but he does't have the greatest arm in baseball. Then there is Russell Martin of the Dodgers who has pretty much everything in a catcher but not great power lik (MORE)

MLB alltime best record?

The best record in the Major League Baseball League, was recorded by the New York Yankees in 1994. The Yankees comprised a 118-29 record in a 147 game season, with a .885 win %. Their leading home run hitter for that season, had 83 homeruns! And was a major part in the yanks 1st all time winning se (MORE)

Who is the best pitcher in MLB history?

Cy Young, they named the award after him. Oddly enough it may have been Babe Ruth had he not been such a great hitter that they moved him to the outfield so he could play every day.

Switch hitters in MLB?

Some of these players can't even hit good from one side of the plate so maybe they shouldn't even be switch hitters. Alfredo Amezaga MIA / Erick Aybar ANA / Willy Aybar TB / Josh Bard WAS / Carlos Beltran NYM / Lance Berkman HOU / Emilio Bonifacio MIA / Milton Bradley CHC / Emmanuel Burriss SF / Asd (MORE)

Who is the best player in MLB today?

the best player today is obviously Albert Puljos. But Alex Rodriguez is another GREAT player that we can say is also the best in the game. Just look at the Yankees record after A-Rod came back from injury. A-Rods presence in the line is a effective as it can be.

Who are the top 100 MLB home run hitters in 2007?

I am unaware of the top 100 of 2007 but the top 10 are as follows:. 1. Alex Rodriguez 54 2. Prince Fielder 50 3. Ryan Howard 47 4. Carlos Pena 46 5. Adam Dunn 40 6. Matt Holiday 36 7. Jim Thome 35 7. David Ortiz 35 9. Lance Berkman 34 9. Miguel Cabrera 34 9. Ryan Braun 34

Who were the best hitters in the NFL?

Doug Plank, Chicago Bears (He put the Fear of God in Receivers) Dick Butkus, Chicago Bears Ray Nitschke, Green Bay Packers Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Tatum, Oakland Raiders

Who is the best shortstop in MLB?

Derek Jeter is the best shortstop. He has 4 Gold Gloves too. He even has his own play. People refer to it as the Jeter play. He is known all around to MLB fans. He is the best.

How many pitchers have thrown a no hitter twice in Mlb history?

Through the 2008 season: 7: Nolan Ryan 4: Sandy Koufax 3: Bob Feller, Cy Young, Larry Corcoran 2: Mark Buehrle, Randy Johnson, Hideo Nomo, Bob Forsch, Steve Busby, Bill Stoneman, Ken Holtzman, Don Wilson, Jim Maloney, Jim Bunning, Warren Spahn, Carl Erskine, Virgil Trucks, Allie Reynolds (MORE)

What MLB teams have zero no-hitters?

New York Mets, and San Diego Padres. Mets have one now!! June 1, 2012 Johan Santana threw a no hitter!!! Go Mets!!! Padres are the only team left now

Who has thrown the most one-hitters in MLB history?

Denton True Young, or as most fans know him Cy, (short for cyclone, name originated from his spinning windup) Young threw 12 1-hitters in his career which is the mlb record. Actually that is incorrect. Two players are tied for most one-hitters in a career: Bob Feller and Nolan Ryan, each with 12. (MORE)

Who was best baseball hitter in the 1970s?

In 1970, Alex Johnson of the California Angels led the American League in batting with a .329 average and Rico Carty of the Atlanta Braves was the NL leader with a .366 average. Home Run leaders were Frank Howard of Washington in the AL with 44 and Johnny Bench of Cincinnati with 45 in the NL. The R (MORE)

What is the best mlb showdown lineup?

BATTING 1. Rickey Henderson Super Season 2. Barry Bonds Foil 3. Mike Schmidt Cooperstown Collection 4.Willie Mccovey Cooperstown Collection 5.Harmon Killebrew Cooperstown Collection 6. Ken Griffey Jr. Super Season 7. Alex Rodriguez Foil 8. Joe Morgan Cooperstown Collection 9. Ivan Rodriguez Super (MORE)

MLB pitcher who has never thrown a no hitter?

A bunch. In fact, the vast majority of major league pitchers have never thrown a no-hitter in major league baseball. Many more have thrown no-hitters in high school or college ball.

Who the best second baseman in the MLB?

that is mostly an opinion but in 2009 probably chase utely because he hit 5 or 6 homeruns ion the world series. From 2010 right now, it's Cano from the Yankees. I'll tell why. he has the most hits this year, he has done all these amazing plays, he has done it all, and BTW I play 2nd base in my leagu (MORE)

How many no-hitters have there been in MLB in 2010?

April 17, 2010 - Ubaldo Jimenez (Colorado Rockies) . May 9, 2010 - Dallas Braden (Oakland A's) 'Perfect Game' . May 29, 2010 - Roy Halladay (Philadelphia Phillies) 'Perfect Game' . June 25, 2010 - Edwin Jackson (Arizona Diamondbacks) . July 26, 2010 - Matt Garza (Tampa Bay Rays)

Who pitched the first MLB no hitter?

Noodles Hahn of the Cincinnati Reds threw the first no hitter of the modern era on July 12, 1900. The first no hitter on record, not recognized by Major League Baseball was thrown by Joe Borden on July 28, 1875 for the Philadelphia White Stockings.

What MLB team had the most no hitters in a single season?

The most no-hitters by a team in one regular season is 2 and has been done many times ... the last being the 1973 California Angels (Nolan Ryan threw both). Some other teams that have 2 in one season are the 1972 Chicago Cubs (Milt Pappas and Burt Hooten), 1962 Boston Red Sox (Earl Wilson and Bill M (MORE)