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What is the best job that requires a lot of travel?

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airline pilot or hostess/host
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What are some jobs that require travel?

  A few are:   photojournalist   consultant (there are many types of consultants)   pilot   You might want to check wikipedia for some of these jobs to give yo

What jobs require lots of walking?

Waitressing, retail store floor associate, farmer/rancher, housekeeper, personal fitness trainer. Basically any job that requires you to move around and interact with people a

What jobs require a lot of typing?

Secretaries, accountants, any front desk worker has to frequently type info and send/answer emails. It's not a requirement to type fast, but it's highly recommended because it

Does photography require a lot of travel?

It honestly depends on what type of photography you are interested in. Freelance and Landscape Photography you are liable to travel new places often. If you are interested in
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What jobs in the IT field involve a lot of travel?

When working in the IT field there may be positions that require lots of travel, usually the IT technician. Some companies will have a main location for IT people and send the

What jobs require traveling?

There are so many jobs that require travel both far and constant. Drivers for one are the most frequent travelers. There could also be Pilots and Flight Attendants, there are

Does fashion designer require a lot of travel?

Fashion Designers travel many times in a year.  Therefore if you wish to become a Designer, obtain those bags  loaded and be prepared to leave your loved ones. To get this w