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Unless you have a specific condition, a good multivitamin is all you need, in addition to a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of sleep.
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What is the best men's suit?

There isn't any "one" suit that is best: it depends on the price range, your build, your age, etc. However, nearly all men look good in traditional dark suits made of high qua

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Ralph Lauren-polo,Hugo boss,cool water davidoff,paco rabanne,212... I agree but must to say when i suggest perfume,you must ask about the age of the user,the weather and the

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Some opinions about the best Vitamin B-12 supplements are: Transdermal patch based The best vitamin B-12 supplement will always be a transdermal patch based one, as this get

What are the best vitamins to fight cancer?

When looking for supplements for cancer, start with the well-known antioxidants including Vitamins A, C & E,. They are especially valuable in fighting cancer. Vitamin A, bette

What are the best vitamins to take?

That depends quite a bit on your individual needs, but in general, some good ones to take are fish oil (omega 3s), vitamin D, and probiotics, which are not always easily obtai

What vitamin is best for skin elasticity?

  Answer   Vitamin E is a good vitamin for all skin problems period. It is known to promote healthy and younger looking skin. Also Cod Liver oil tablets are good for

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From my experience of using many electric shavers the one product  with which I am satisfied with is the Philips sensotouch electric  shaver. Its flexing and pivoting heads
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What vitamins are the best for detoxification of opiates?

There are not a lot of "natural" ways to lessen withdrawls from opiates. Plenty of water, because your body will be flushing itself out. Vitamin C and B to help with your fati