What is the best method of intercourse with a woman?

What is the best method of intercourse with a woman?
First, make sure she is at least the age of consent and be sure to wear a condom, to prevent STDs and pregnancy. Showing her that you are protective of her safety is a good way to start.

There is no "best" method, because everyone is different and prefer different things. You'll both have to experiment to find out what those are.
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What diet method works best?

There are no magic pills and no easy way. 'Weight Watchers' and the 'South Beach Diet' are two of the best diets. I've gone to Weight Watchers and they teach you to eat correc (MORE)

What is the best method for removing stingers?

The stinger of a bee remains in the skin following the sting. With a bee sting you will see swelling, redness and pain. In the center of a bee sting you see a small black dot, (MORE)

Which is the best sorting method?

Quicksort will usually be the best performing sort. However, quicksort has a worst-case time complexity of O(n2), which may not be reasonable in a real world application. Heap (MORE)

Pap Smears and Their Importance

Pap smears are the new root canal for many women. The anxiety that many people feel when they go to the dentist is comparable to how women feel when they must have a pap smear (MORE)

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Starting a new business is a difficult endeavor. Starting an entirely female-owned business can be even more difficult. The good news is that there are business funding option (MORE)

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What is the best method for washing hands?

  The first thing to do is to turn on the tap and rinse your hands for about 10 seconds. Then apply soap and scrub in between your fingers for about 25 seconds. Then you r (MORE)

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What is the best method to cooldown a cheesecake?

Take it out of the hot pan that it was being baked in. Place it on a cooling rack that is elevated, so that heat can escape from all side (even the bottom) to ensure the fast (MORE)

What is the best method of withdrawal from Prozac?

Unlike other antidepressants, Prozac has a long half-life so it stays in your system for a while, even after you stop taking it-- it's slowly eliminated from your system so yo (MORE)

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What is the best method of gaining knowledge?

1) Books (Choose carefully,read reviews&summaries before choosing a book )search for books in the field you want to gain knowledge.2) Most Important applying what you lear (MORE)

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What is the best method to find average?

It all depends on what you want to find the average of. The most common way is adding the numbers in a data set together, then dividing by however many there are. Another is t (MORE)